Exactly Where Were the Guards When Epstein Died?

The mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein has taken an interesting turn as two jail officers were indicted on falsifying their records in an attempt to coverup their stupidity. Just hours before Epstein supposedly killed himself the two officers were doing things that they were not supposed to do. They were supposedly screwing around instead of checking in on Epstein at regular intervals.

Noel and Thomas are the two that are claiming to have falsified the records. It was discovered that they were sleeping and playing around on the internet instead of doing their assigned jobs. They were supposed to have been watching Epstein because it was said that he a suicide risk. There still is a lot of speculation as to what happened. Some people believe that Epstein was murdered and the guards at the jail had something to do with it. The same group of people would say that the Clinton’s had a hand in his death or at least ordered the hit on his life. But these ideas are just theory. But for some, there are elements of truth behind them.

The autopsy that done on Epstein stated that it was death by hanging. But there are even some questions as to the validity of the report. Some speculate that the person that did the autopsy was kept from revealing their findings because it would have exposed high-level murderers. But for now, these two guards are going to pay for their incompetence or their role in a murder plot for negligence on the job.

Epstein was a healthy man at the age of 66. The skunk head was arrested for child trafficking of little girls. Some of these girls were 14 years of age when they were taken by creepy Epstein. Epstein had pleaded not guilty at the time. His plea is another reason many that a Democrat or some other murder had him killed. There was no reason for Epstein to fight the charges if he was guilty. Epstein’s death came as a way of silencing him because he knew too much about others in politics.

The two stupid guards are being made an example out of because their actions embarrassed the federal officials. Epstein was a high public figure, and they could not even protect him from himself. His death is a black mark on their record of protection and prosecution. There is a lot that surrounds his death but at least for now two people have been found in connection with it.

William Barr even stated that he was “appalled” to learn of his death. American law enforcement officers take great pride and care in their work to keep people safe. Their embarrassment has led to them taking great effort to find out what happened. The internal investigation found these two guards were doing things that were not approved of by the department.

The shifts can get long in the night while the guards are working. But that does not excuse them from doing their assigned duties. They may be able to surf the web, but not sleep. The web surfer should have set a timer and walked back to see Epstein at regular intervals. Unless they were paid off or threatened to do other things while Epstein was murdered by a Democrat.

The director of the prison stated that “Any allegations of misconduct are taken very seriously by the agency and will be responded to appropriately. I am committed to this agency and am confident we will restore the public’s trust in us.” It is not that the public does not trust the prison it is more that they want to know if he was murdered. This would mean that there are a lot of people in the government that are murderous and need to be taken down.

Each guard could be facing up to 15 to 25 years in prison for their connection with Epstein’s death. An official said that “The defendants had a duty to ensure the safety and security of federal inmates in their care. Instead, they repeatedly failed to conduct mandated checks on inmates, and lied on official forms to hide their dereliction.” This also shows that lying never pays off for anyone. Something that the Democrats need to learn.

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  1. Yes I will vouch for them, I was watching very closely as I preformed brain surgery on my self to save a few dollars!

  2. These 2 guards know exactly what happened! They are giving this puny evidence as cover for the controlling evidence! They have been paid off, whatever their punishment is will be sufficed by money for them
    Or family. America’s Justice System is decaying, look at the Bidens, Obama’s all of the crooked politicians who are still operating after 30 years etc. Hillary will never be charged with ALL of her wicked crookedness and neither will this.

  3. I believe they were paid very well to disappear during his murder!! The same as most of America believes. When did the swamp come to believe that all of America is completely stupid????? It is time to take them all down, they have been running this country way too long. Thank God for Trump, he is waking America up!!!!!


  5. Looks like they assigned “the most likely to F/U to Epstein.’s cell.

  6. I sure hope someone is watching over these 2 liars or they will end up dead by whoever it was that did Epstein in. There has to be a lot of people worrying about what they will say

  7. A third alternative that is rarely mentioned and makes the most sense……to me anyway, is that he was smuggled out alive and shipped out of the country. I don’t believe for a minute that he killed himself or that he was strangled by someone while screaming his head off. It’s impossible to scream while your throat is being squeezed tight! And no guards show up to find out why he’s screaming. And hard to hang yourself with paper sheets. They would never hold a man his size. Conspiracies are alive and well!

    • I doubt he is alive … but he was definitely murdered. Unfortunately the powers-that-be probably never had the foresight to test the “guards” blood to see if they had been drugged to cause them to fall asleep while the murder occurred.

  8. Follow the money from Epstein to numbered offshore accounts to family or friends of the “guards”. They will live in luxury unless they jail them for their malfeasance.

  9. who had the money the method the access had to be Trump everyone knows he was a big fan of Epstein and friend ans a 13 year old accused him and Epstein of rape wouldn’t be the first time for Trump

  10. In spite of the never Trumper who blamed the death of Epstein on Donald Trump, his only evidence of Trump collusion is that “everyone knows” he was a fan of Epstein. In fact, the President disliked Epstein, was on his airplane to fantasy island only once and banned Epstein from his hotel. Bill Clinton flew to fantasy island 27 times. The tale of Epstein and Donald Trump being guilty of rape sounds a lot like “Russia” collusion” or the quid pro quo now being alleged. All nonsense.

  11. As all of this corruption, larger than any of us, continues without resolve, without the answers – I still believe that the truth will come out, though it mostly likely won’t come out now, as we’d like to know in ‘real time”.
    I do believe in Karma: “What goes around, comes around” – Do good, it comes back to you; do bad, God help you
    Also the golden rule: “Do unto others, as you would have done to you” – You will reap what you sow
    Also the old adage: “Cheatin’ goes, and ALWAYS shows” – and it may not even be about what/who you cheated on, but rest assured, it will come back & reveal the original sin
    On & on I could go, but these things aren’t always revealed when we think the time is right, or even how or the way we would like them to be presented. The guilty are often “outed” by something totally unrelated, at a time most in opportune for them – in a way they never even thought about, with just a sliver of connection to what they’ve done – but enough to open that “can of worms” they thought would never be found.
    I believe in Murphy’s Law – for them: “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong” and follow them wherever they go – for the rest of their lives.
    One thing NONE of the corrupt seem to remember until it is upon them:
    There’s no hiding, no protection, no pay-off to keep Karma from opening her infamous can of “whoop-ass” at the exact right place, at the exact right time, in front of the exact right person or people – but whether we ever hear about it or not, it will occur… Believe it!
    Then, of course, I also believe there’s that moment when they finally meet their Maker of All, Our God, who is the only Judge and Jury that really matters…
    If I offended someone, tough!

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