Teen Finds Creative Way to Smuggle Drugs from Mexico

California is benefiting from the stupidity of the Democrats. They have taken control of the state and passed laws that have made it hard for law enforcement to do their jobs. They have even made it possible for illegals and drug dealers to operate in secret. Drug trafficking is a major problem for California and having Democratic leaders certainly does not help matters much. They have made it easy for drug runners and pushers to earn their murderous money by resisting the president’s attempts to secure the border.

The United States border agents found a 16-year-old kid that was making thousands of dollars by smuggling drugs using a remote-controlled car. The president has been working hard to get a new wall built in areas of several states where access to drugs and criminal traffic is easy to see. But the dumb Democrats have fought the president every step of the way. And this is what it all has led to.

The stupid teenager has brought over $100,000 worth of methamphetamine from Mexico to the streets of the United States. Border agents had seen the kid out in the darkness of night with big bags of the drugs. The boy ran and hid but was later arrested. He was found to be carrying the large remote car and huge bags that contained over 50 packages of the drug.

The exposed borders have allowed teens and others to engage in criminal activity. They have found their ways to get things and people across the border and into the hands of the gangs that run the streets. The dumb Democrats would love to see open borders. They would love to see a border that did not keep out the crime or the drugs. They love the very people that are trying to tear down America.

The teenager drug dealer is thought to have had to make several trips using his little car. In the dark of night, the teen would slip across multiple times bringing home his illegal loot. Drugs that would be sold on the streets of California and essentially ruining the lives of people. The remote-control car would carry the bags to the other side of the border where contact would then load the car with more drugs. The teen would bring the car to himself where he would offload the stuff and send it back for more.

The teenager is a legal citizen of the United States which opens the door to how he started running drugs. Open borders work both ways. It is possible that he and the other idiot met up and came up with the plan. The good drug dealer now faces drug smuggling charges which means his life is over. He will no longer have the chance to dream of his future or work his way to the top. He can rot in prison with the rest of the wonderful drug dealers.

Drones and remote control cars are becoming the preferred choice of drug transportation. The border agents have had to keep up on the technology to remain one step ahead of the criminal drug ring. The Democrats would love to underfund the agency, so they cannot intercept these kinds of devices. But President Trump has found a way to keep giving the border agents everything that they need to combat the crime that keeps pouring over the fence.

This teenager has just proven that more and better security is needed at the southern border. If a child can transport drugs using a remote-controlled car, then there are others bringing in more drugs using better means. This teen has proved that there is a need for a wall. A wall that is designed to secure the border and keep people and devices like the car out of the country. President Trump has done the impossible and has gotten around the red tape of Congress just to see the border protected better. He knows how to think outside the box to see that America stays great and continues down the path of greatness.