The Economy’s Lowest Record-Breaking Unemployment Claims

The economy is still going stronger than ever, and it is all due to a president who knows what he is doing.  President Trump has done so much for this country in less than three years, and the economy is still growing.  The unemployment rates have clung five months in a row to unbeatable numbers, and Americans who want to work can find a job available anywhere in the country.  It does not matter what line of work a person favors, the jobs are out there.  Now that we are reaching the holiday season, even more jobs are available for the grabbing.

In the middle of November, out of the millions of people in America, only 227,000 unemployment claims have been filed.  The Memorial Day holiday was included in the count, and the numbers will continue to drop this holiday season as this is the time of the year job openings explode.  Almost everywhere a person can look, the signs on business all say, “NOW HIRING!”

MarketWatch Economist is forecasting the number to drop to 218,000 once the holiday season is adjusted on the statistics.  Even though the numbers fluctuate, there was a rise in unemployment by 2,000 from this time last year.  However, it still remains at a record-breaking low, and right before the holidays, this happens every year.  This week last year, the number was 226,576.  This week in 2019, the amount is less and comes in at 226,444.  These numbers show there are fewer layoffs within the economy.

Let’s face it, there are still some lazy people in this country who try to beat the system.  With President Trump in office and the economy still going strong, the day will come that those lazy people will be completely broke.  Those who refuse to work will not eat.  Stricter rules have been put in place to make it harder to find loopholes and ride the system.  This throws lazy bums to either find work or live in the street.

Jobless claims are adjusted by the government and go by the seasonal patterns according to employment rates.  Most of the year, these numbers will fluctuate but for the most part, remain the same.  The holiday season, especially Black Friday, the numbers drop drastically in unemployment.  Compare it to the millions of people who were unemployed by layoffs during the Obama administration and have a little over 200,000 in the Trump era is outstanding!

Believe it or not, the numbers are harder to predict and chart in November than any other month in the year.  Veteran’s Day savings and Black Friday brings massive amounts of customers to stores, car lots, restaurants, and other businesses.  The more people are spending, the more people are shopping, the more help is needed.  People are comfortable spending now because of the comfort in the economy.  The numbers do not lie.

The unemployment rate filing for benefits is still at the lowest number holding at 1.69 million people on benefits.  No other president has touched these numbers since the early 1970s.  The numbers of those receiving benefits also fluctuate but still remain well below average.

The ratio number of hiring to layoffs has changed, only showing there are no signs of layoffs.  Hiring fluctuates but will explode this time of the year.  The amount of profit for companies has increased to keep business owners from laying off employees.  President Trump has also fixed the tax brackets in favor of everyone in America from the business owner to the workers.  This also keeps the economy stable.  We went from the era of Obama, where the country needed resuscitation.  We were on life support to President Trump, who is the one who got the heart of America pumping blood through the country and got us off of life support.

Democrats still try to find a way to fight the president, but they stay clear on any topic dealing with the economy.  The reason is apparent, and they cannot hide the fact they have failed America bigtime in this department.  Most Americans vote for the economy first.  The next set of voters vote on the issue of abortion and morals.  These two will always be the top two, which can make or break a presidency.  President Trump is fighting and succeeding in the economy.  He has also come the closest to working with the Pro-life movement and working hard to bring back morals and God back to America.  This will continue to “Keep America Great!”