California Supreme Court Shoots Down Missionary Group in Court

The state Supreme Court of California threw out a challenge from a Catholic missionary organization that appealed a decision from state health regulators claiming voluntary abortions are “medically necessary.”  This makes it mandatory for health care providers to cover the heinous procedure and guess who pays for it since it is legally covered under insurance plans.

That’s right, the taxpayers.  This means that those who are strictly against abortion like Catholics have to fund it according to the state law through our tax dollars taken out of our paychecks.  The regulations were adopted by the California Department of Managed Health Care system in 2014 and have been fought by the Catholic missionary organization since it became a law.

The state appeals court in Sacramento upheld the decision in August, and it allows a pregnant woman to have the choice to have the baby or to terminate the pregnancy.  The clause also has it must be “medically necessary.”

The Missionary Guadalupanas of the Holy Spirit, which is a group of Catholic women, put in the request for the Supreme Court to withdraw the decision and refrain from publishing it, which would cause it to move through other courts statewide.  It was refused and thrown out unanimously by the courtroom.

The loophole was the two words which made the difference in the court, “medically necessary.”  There was a law made in 1975, which makes it mandatory for all plans to offer “basic health care and services.”  The Department of Managed Health Care’s regulations state, “The plans must cover physician and hospital services where medically necessary.”

In previous years the plans allowed abortion only if the woman’s life was in danger.  Even that was thrown out the window when former Governor of California Jerry Brown stated the law was misinterpreted, and all abortions were to be covered no matter what.  Brown is a typical Democrat looking to help deplete the population, so he allowed an all-out slaughter of babies.

Brown went one step further in 2014 and ordered letters to be sent to the seven major healthcare plans in the state to remove words which “may discriminate against women by limiting or excluding coverage for termination of pregnancies.”

Democrats have made it a habit to make laws and change the rules as they go along with their agenda.  The missionary group sued in retaliation as “the group contended the state agency had effectively adopted new regulations without giving the public advance notice or an opportunity to comment, as required by law.”

Judge Coleman Blease stated, “The correct question is not whether abortion is a medically necessary service, but what service is medically necessary to treat the condition of pregnancy.  The answer is that an abortion is one of two possible medically necessary procedures when the patient is pregnant.  Both childbirth and abortion “are voluntary in the sense that they are chosen by the patient.  Both types of service are medically necessary to treat the condition of pregnancy.”

The judge also noted, “The right to an abortion is protected by law in California, which will remain in effect even if the U.S. Supreme Court narrows or eliminates abortion rights under the Constitution.”

After the final call from the State Supreme Court came, the department put out a statement.  “This is an important precedential decision for women’s health care rights, and we are pleased with the outcome.”  Attorneys for Missionary Guadalupanas of the Holy Spirit would not give a comment.

So another Liberal state gets to decide on who lives and who dies.  The “right to life” gets left by the wayside, and the Pro-Choice or Pro-Death crowds can get free or discounted service to kill their unborn children as the taxpayers are forced without a fight to pay for these people to do so.  How much more communist can Democrats become, and how much longer are the voters going to keep voting these idiots in office?  It is a shame to say, but maybe the border wall should go up across the California border.

Pro-Life doctors can prove that it is almost slim to none according to the statistics where the woman’s life is in danger.  It is just an excuse for Liberals to have their way in the system.  They claim it is their body.  Yes, it is their body, but the child inside the womb is a separate body.  And it is also the taxpayer’s pocketbooks too!  We have our right not to pay.