There’s a Fancy New Transgender Lingerie Line

Many trans women are finding that lingerie simply doesn’t fit where it needs it the most. Anyone who has ever purchased lingerie knows the importance of a good fit in order to feel not only comfortable but also sexy. One trans designer has made it her mission to create a line of lingerie that is strong and comfortable so that everything is held in place properly.

Carmen Liu has successfully launched the ridiculous GI Collection, with the GI standing for “Get It” as in, she gets the frustration that people have been dealing with.

Liu hails from the United Kingdom and is a transgender model and entrepreneur. The lingerie line tailors specifically to transgender women. In a Forbes interview, the 27-year-old explains that she has always been frustrated with lingerie departments because of the lack of selection involved for a trans woman. She visits a number of top department stores only to leave empty-handed.

Liu said that she was appalled that there aren’t any mainstream stores that stock lingerie geared toward a trans woman. She wanted to remedy that, which is why she launched her collection. The idea was something that she’s had for over two years. She didn’t have a lightbulb moment, however. Instead, the idea developed as a result of frustration with being unable to buy lingerie. Poor thing. Ha! When she got the green light, she spent 16 hour days in order to cover the details and options that would help the community. She wanted to bring positive change and offer benefits.

Carmen Liu explained that too many brands use those within the trans community as a “selfish marketing ploy.” However, they do not cater specifically to a transgender woman. She wanted to put her money where her mouth was, creating a niche for those like her who have chosen not to have a gender reassignment surgery.

She explained that there are specific design needs and she wants people like her to be heard and catered for. She wants everyone in the trans community to have the ability to lingerie shop on the high street just like everyone else.

Liu went into detail with what is waiting for people like her when they want to use mainstream lingerie. She explained using a “gaffe” which was a makeshift jockstrap that tucked her genitals in to create a streamlined look. Oh, brother! She takes this into consideration within her own collection. She wanted to make sure that no one had to sacrifice sexiness for functionality. Her primary goal was to make sure that the lingerie looked just like traditional women’s lingerie with the ability to tuck comfortably.

A number of considerations went into the collection. She offered a variety of sizes to accommodate women of all types and sizes. Additionally, she used high-end Italian satins to deliver comfort and sexiness.

The GI Collection currently consists of various individual pieces as well as five different matching bra and panty sets. Liu said that she finds it incredible to know that there are women around the globe wearing her lingerie. She knows how much it means to women to maintain sex appeal, regardless of the body that they were born into.

Less than 1% of the United States population identifies as transgender. However, she doesn’t think this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a need for lingerie that caters to the transgender population. Forbes has reported that the line sold out within days of hitting the market, showing that people are eager for development within this niche.

Trans women, which is not to be confused with those who suffer from gender dysphoria, are women who were born men but choose to live out their lives as women. There are some, such as Liu, who choose to never to undergo gender reassignment surgery. As such, they have to deal with certain genitalia, which can be complicated when talking about getting into teddies, panties, and other types of lingerie.

With the GI Collection experiencing the amount of success that it did initially, it is likely that there are going to be more designers coming out to make sure that they are not only listening to the needs of the trans community but also catering to them. Liu is happy to hear about design ideas and concerns to ensure that she can continue to create exciting lingerie that allows people to feel sexy no matter who they are.

While this type of lingerie may never become mainstream simply because it caters to such a small percentage of people, Liu is thrilled to be a part of the solution for those within her community. And that, my friends, makes you wonder what happened to this world.

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  1. These people are all sick and should be treated.

  2. Reminds me of the Bob Rivers song “Walking ‘Round in Women’s Underwear”. Ho ho ho.

  3. XX or XY, one cannot be the other, even the primitives in the darkest regions of the Amazon know that, only “sophisticated” people could believe what isn’t so.

  4. Not EVERYONE who dresses up is transgende5rde, Hetero sexual crossdressers are numbered in the millions. the majority are married and many of the wives get a kick out of it and there are also hundreds of social get togethers all over the country. These folks are not hurting anyone and most will tell you that crossdressing is fun and relaxing for them. So let them be happy.

    • Transvestism has historically been categorized as symptomatic of deeper mental illlnesses. No consensus exists whether it is itself a mental deficiency, but political correctness will prevent all treatment to lessen such urges.

      On that note, several witnesses claimed that Bill Clinton would put on women’s nightgowns and play the saxophone. His wife and side ho’s reportedly enjoyed the show.

      Bill Clinton is as straight as they come.

  5. OP, you claim to be writing for a rightist site. Stop referring to Carmen as “she”! I will honor name changes, but I will NEVER call a man a woman.

    You should do the same. Telling a person struggling with gender dysphoria or, God forbid, actual Gender Identity Disorder to mutilate their bodies or indulging in their involuntary delusions is equal to telling an anorexic that they are right to think they are fat and keep starving themselves.

  6. They have always said that they just wanted to be able to blend in with the sex they relate to. They didn’t want to be seen as a transgender. Well they’ve screwed that up. The transgender bathroom is telling everyone as they walk into it Hi I’m a Transgender” that killed the blend in thing. Shoving gay and transgender down everyone’s throat will naturally cause people to turn there backs on them. Getting in people’s faces about any issue it will cause a negative reaction.

  7. What people wear is their business. I just don’t want this put in my face. There is no reason people in general and especially children should be forced to accept this and told it’s normal. I am not one to judge it’s not my place but I don’t expect to be judged for refusing to date a man in women’s clothing. Or one going through or has gone through a transition. He is still a man parts or not.

  8. Thanks for posting this! My partner and I were looking for Liu’s brand so we could buy some of her lingerie for me, and thanks to your proliferation of basically the entire press release of the GI Collection, I was able to find her website again. Thanks for helping out your trans friends as always!

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