“Disturbing” Is The New Way to Describe Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special has been airing for decades. For many families, it’s a tradition that starts out the holiday season. Last year, people decided that they were going to get offended at the song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Now, they’re taking shots at one of Santa’s helpers.

The TV special has been making quite a bit of waves because the 1964 classic is being critiqued using present-day standards. Some of the characters and scenes have been identified as ‘disturbing.’

Just about everyone knows the story of Rudolph. The red-nosed reindeer is an outcast. He’s called names. However, it’s his bright red nose that allows him to come to the rescue and guide Santa’s sleigh. Then, all of the other reindeer accept him.

It’s not just Rudolph in the show that people are sparking debate about. There’s also Hermey (an elf), the Island of Misfit Toys, and even the Abominable Snow Monster.

For a 30-minute special, it has sparked more controversy than one would think possible. Some of the questions that people are raising are jaw-dropping to say the very least.

Let’s start with Hermey, a little blonde elf who dreams of being a dentist. While most would say that it’s good to have goals, Cinablend says that he’s a “sadistic psychopath” because he had a “creepy” obsession with wanting to be a dentist. This also raises the question about where the teeth came from that was used for the dolls. Most people don’t put that much thought into the movie. They simply watch it because it’s a holiday classic. This generation overanalyzes and ruins the tradition, though.

Then, there’s the relationship that Rudolph had with Clarice, his girl crush. Some argue that it was a shallow relationship, with Cinablend saying that the red-nosed reindeer needed to “slow his roll” because he was showing too much affection. This is one group’s interpretation, of course, but they’re reading more into it than there really is. They want to make it an issue of consent and showing too much affection when they really don’t have enough backstory to go on.

There have been plenty of people sounding off on Twitter about the special, too. With the #RudolphTheRedNosedReindeer it’s incredible to see what people have to say about this decades-old special. People reference themes of bullying and are in mock horror that Santa would condone such things. What they fail to remember is that this movie was made over 50 years ago. There was a different level of sensitivity. Netflix, Disney, and others allowed movies from decades ago to be aired. They simply included a little notice so that people knew that there are differences in acceptable behavior.

Sure, Rudolph was bullied. Sure, the other reindeer only liked him after they learned that Rudolph had something to offer. However, it was different back when it was made. We have learned a lot about bullying and what’s considered socially acceptable. That doesn’t mean we forget about the history. That’s like saying that we would take slavery out of the history books because slavery was wrong. It may have been but it’s still a part of our history – and so is Rudolph.

Not everyone is upset about Rudolph, either. Plenty are talking about their fond childhood memories watching the movie. They don’t want to hear about the critics and what they have to say about Rudolph. The reindeer has been an icon of the holiday season for a long time. These are the people who aren’t going to get rid of their Rudolph decorations nor are they going to stop playing the song. They’ll encourage their kids to sing the song, too, because while bullying isn’t okay, the song isn’t exactly condoning bullying. They’re just saying that it happened – and you can’t change history.

Too many songs have been removed from the air because, although they were classics, they don’t fit what society wants to hear anymore. There have even been artists who have tried to change the songs in order to be more socially appropriate. There’s nothing more cringe-inducing than hearing a politically correct version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Similarly, no one wants to see the TV special of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer remade. Some people actually like to see the Abominable Snowman. Plus, it might be entirely possible that the cheerful little elf named Hermey wanted to grow up to be a dentist without being a psychopath. Perhaps the people with the issue about this TV special have more issues of their own.

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  1. I’ve never liked Rudolph, and I am very conservative.

    • These people need to get a life. Get a job. Go volunteer. Obviously, they have too much time on their hands.
      Get over it. Yes, Rudolph was bullied. That’s life. The adults were mean. So what else is new? Adults are still mean and bullies even toward kids and animals. This is a fact of life. We live in a fallen world. We are living in the end times. Come back quickly, Lord Jesus. By the way, I love Rudolph! And I feel sorry for him every time I watch the show, but it helps me to show more compassion to others – animals included, of course!!! The show is a learning tool, people. Take a lesson. Be kind to one another.

      • Your comments are very good., and Christian.
        In my biased, deplorable opinion, the assholes that object to that and every other story/book that offends their snowflake asses can go to Hell. They need to get a life, untie those apron strings from your parents and from society. . You are not entitled to anything regardless of what your ass thinks.

        • I agree with this a 100 percent .. the liberals need too get over a movie made fifty years ago… they do need to get a life .. I’m almost sure they couldn’t wait for it too come on tv when they were growing up .. but now want too be ASSHOLES .

      • I guess if Rudolph were gay and in love with another reindeer, that would be ok!!!! Give me a break!!!!!

        • Thank you , hit it right on target…..maybe his nose should be pink because he feels like a doe not a buck …he might be confused….now tell me aren’t liberal snowflakes …pantywaist sissies. Kids are confused about their sex, about parents who are the same sex, unable to speak for fear of insulting someone, brainwashed to eliminate God, Guns, and the Pledge of Alegience………Liberals have really done a number on AMERICA…and what have we done?

        • You hit the nail on the head with your post.

    • Like or dislike is yo ur c hoice ,But leave the story alone.

      • Life is really simple: If you like Rudy go ahead and watch the show. If you do NOT like Rudy then grab the remote from your kids and change the darn channel. That’s what “ratings” are all about.

    • That makes you leftist bully & lying looney marxist Nanny state matriarchal TROLL. Clever but insane stupid.

    • Only nazi-commie bullies don’t like Rudolph.

    • He never liked you either!

    • Who cares it’s the story get over it

      • As usual the Democrats have nothing to go on sound familiar like what they are doing to Our President, they are all nuts and there are conservatives that are nuts too. They just say that to try to cover their stupidity.

  2. if you don’t like the silly cartoon, do not watch it. period. do not bother harming your fragile psyche my trying to analyze it.

    • Ahmen and Thank You

    • Be careful, you might make them cry. Like the little babies they are. Go crawl in your corner and cry as far as I’m concerned. And don’t forget your puppy.

    • I was in dental school when Rudolf first aired. It was the talk of dental school the next morning and was accepted and chuckled at the fact that Hermey wanted to be a dentist.
      I resent the jerk who inferred that dentist are sadist psychopaths. A number of years ago, a survey was sent to all members of the ADA(American Dental Association) . One question was: “What is the most stress producing factor in your practice?” 99% of the respondents, from a list of answers said, “Working with people in in pain or possibly causing people to have pain!” Hardly a profession that thrives on psycopathic sadism.
      If the person that wrote this stupidity ever experiences an excruciating toothache, he/she or other(B,S. too) should live with it. They surely don’t want to treated by a sadistic psychopath.

  3. People please; we all have our own conceptions of what is what don’t we? YES !!! So remember that individuals have rights that you might agree with but this The Unired States where we each get to see and imagine that which is Good; so PLease just because You disagree don’t STOP others from enjoying their Christmas Delights !!!

  4. I think the people who are so offended should get a life.. The world is not a “Safe place” filled with puppies and hot coco. There are bullies in the world and there will always be some.. Our children should understand that the whole world is not some PC Leftist Utopia and with the nature of man will never be so. We all need to be able to deal with adversities in life

  5. Enough is enough – just enjoy the happiness – these idiots are taking the joy out of life for themselves and their children. Stop the idiocy!!

  6. Can no one see the reasoning behind all the radical left’s attempts to ban just about everything. It’s is simply a preview of living in a socialist society will be like….the government will dictate every aspect of your life…what you may do and what you cannot do….Scarey, isn’t it????? Those running for nomination for the democratic presidency are self admitted socialists….

  7. Well liberals offend me. They are trying to change history by taking down statues, taking song of the air now tv shows. Odin will show his ugly side if they keep their hypocrisy up it is just a matter of time. They should keep there thoughts to them selves and stop their crying Do not watch listen or look at things that get them butt hurt

  8. You must be a democrap. I’m 73 and enjoy seeing the Red-Nosed Reindeer special now as much as when I was a very young child.

    • Why would you say the respondent is a Democrat (sic)? The ones trying to get rid of Rudolph are the CONSERVATIVES—- you know, the Elephant Party. Get real; it’s no wonder youngsters are growing up so fast——they have no innocent fantasies to enjoy!

  9. The only thing that’s disturbing is the low life liberals!

    • It is understandable that the dems would not like Rudolph especially since his nose was red instead of blue. Yet it is a bit confusing since their democratic blue is turning socialist, communist, red. I think they might be having nightmares and their hate for our President gives them visions of all the states turning red. It really has nothing to do with the song and anyone with common sense can enjoy the song and see the good in it instead of wanting to destroy it.

  10. Liberals are disturbing characters.

  11. Liberals do not even like breathing or even life. If they are miserable they need to just crawl in a hole and disappear. They rag a out Rudolf and they brag about murdering babies. These are sick people.

  12. i guess they prefer the sick crap like robby the raindeer , the new christmas cartoons are really sick , but everytime they take away the good stuff , because a few idiots complain about it , they infringe on everyones elses rights , put it this way , if they sensord tv like they did in the 60’s there wouldn’t be anything to watch , all the sex and violence would be taken off, and women and men would have to keep their clothing on while doing commercials

  13. Get used to it. The looney left is just getting started. Insanity is deliberate… it’s what postmodern left does.

  14. Will you leftist please grow up and enjoy life instead of cutting everything down?

  15. Leave it alone you wacko commie nut jobs!

  16. Good God stop already people. You liberals are so sickening and disgusting. Go and find you own placve to live for asses.I’m very conservative and I love Rudolf as well as my kids. The ending he saved the day. You liberals want to destroy everything that what we grew up on and passed it on. The bullies are not terrible. Go find something else to ruin then the children’s lives.

  17. Why are these commie pukes trying to ruin every thing that is for families can do together I guess they want they want devil worship and porn

  18. Give me a break! Its a story for kids. The libs will complain about anything they don’t understand. They even voted for Obummer. No I didnt miss spell his name. We hope they run Hillary the bag lady She so easy to beat.

  19. To the liberal’s who dislike everything take a long walk of a short bridge at the Grand Canyon.

  20. It is amazing that the liberals hate Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer. Is it because they are reminded that they are the real bullies today in America? They don’t like something so they want it taken away from others. That is exactly what the Democrats are doing with their fake impeachment hearings. They hate Trump because he won the election and lost them the opportunity to be in complete control of America. For three years these miserable Democrats have worked to wreck our Country and Constitution because of their hate. They keep showing you exactly what Socialism is like with their actions.

  21. The Rudolf story is nothing more than calling attention to reality and the way humans interact with one another. Every aspect of our lives are not pleasant and young people need to be taught morals and fairness. Doing it through a cartoon is a great idea so leave Rudolf alone all you know-it-all’s and busy-bodies!

  22. Teaching Kids how to get along is how to handle Bullies.. Telling kids just because you are different ,you still are very important to other people and causes .. Leave our Stories alone … Stupid Democrats and Snowflakes are just disgusting people.. Really Disgusting people

  23. Let’s face facts everyone IS NOT going to fit in but most times they find their strengths and their place. Bully’s are everywhere. The earlier kids learn this the better off they are.
    Leave things alone.
    I don’t personally want to see Gays on every show and commercial.
    But, I just change the channel.

  24. Here we go again, every Christmas the libs have some kind of problem. Maybe they should
    start jumping of a cliff. I’m so sick and tired of hearing their issues, lies get over
    it. Life just sucks when they can’t control everything.

  25. Some people have way too much time on their hands. Really??? Get a job, volunteer, read to a child, get a life. There are serious issues in life. These kooks just are unhappy with life. Don’t rub off your anger, discontent and animosity on the rest of us.

  26. Look nothing wrong with Rudolph. Just consider him a transgender reindeer and go on with life. He is different and people and his own kind picked on him till they discovered he was special and unique. Leave Rudolph the heel alone. Its not his fault he was born in the wrong reindeer body. But he found peace with himself being different and special and he found a way to be accepted and then people accepted him and they all became friends? its a lesson teaching that everyone should learn and adopt in life. Not everyone feels they are born right some feel they wrong in the wrong body and work to become accepted in life.
    I’m not gonna candy coat shit as I am a INDEPENDENT REGISTER VOTER. some of us are Democrats and some are Republicans and some are libertarians maybe we as people should stop judging everyone and everything in this mean bastard of a world and let God do the judging its not our fucking job to judge people unless they give us reason. So let God do the judging and shut the hell up and live and be happy?
    OOOOPPPPSS!!!!!! I fucked up now Don’t worry be happy will becomes the next song that is challenged in this fucked up country because we can’t accept people being or wanting to be different…..

  27. I loved Rudy and always sang the song when I was a kid. Never thought the other raindeer were bullys. That word wasn’t around at the time. Just thought they were mean and unkind.

  28. So, this is the reason for school shootings and the current craziness taking place. These people need to take a real look at where the hate and bullying is coming from not some 50-year-old show. Try the looking at the madness demonstrated by the left/dems/msm and all the poor examples they provide 24/7.

  29. Some people get out of bed looking for a reason to be offended, and try to make themselves the next social media star.

  30. It is called Freedom of choice. If you want to play Rudolph go for it. If you don’t turn the channel. But why should people be told by a group what they can or cannot listen to. TIred of a group of these far lefties turning everything into PC. We should not allow these Geo Soros groups to dictate what we ALL SHOULD DO>>> SAY>>> OR LISTEN. How in the world are our young going to live in a world of Freedom … when they do not undserstand Freedom. And the rights of others.

  31. I have a bullying story that tops them all, and it involves a reindeer called Rudolph. The cartoonist was Larson, of Far Side fame. He did a panel with Rudolph in his den sitting under a row of eight reindeer trophies and a rifle leaned against the wall. Caption read “All of ther reindeer USED to laugh and call him names.

    I received the cartoon from my college roommate and forwarded it out to all 70 people in my office one yearin mid-Dec. Next day, I was fired. Apperently, 4 women in the office were offended. I was told they were fearful. Of what, I’ll never know. I was also told that the boss interpretted my sending out the cartoon to mean that I intended to come in the office one day and shoot his nine supervisors. In concert with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” I was “told” not to ask, nor would they offer to answer my simple question – “What did I DO?”

    Fortunately for me, at least I worked for the government, and corruption wasn’t a foreign concept to them. So they corruptly fired me by offering to let me retire on “disability.” They told me I would never work for the government again, which I had reason to believe was an accurate prediction of the future I had ahead of me. They also admitted that I was welcome to have sued the government. But I knew from 26 years prior experience that I would likely win my case. But that I would have to fund my low-mid six-figure defense out of pocket until (and IF) I won my case. I chose to talk them at their word and walk away with a small stipend to assist as I started over to try to re-build my life, my career, my new marriage. . . .

    But GOD has been good to me, and enabled me to forgive the bullies. It’s the only way I could move on. Thank you Jesus!

  32. Jack a$$’s just doing their thing, their holiday traditions, best to just ignore.

  33. The weak minded individuals who find fault with EVERYTHING that has to do with a Christian holiday, up to and including a red nosed reindeer that has been around for many decades is pathetic. Which one of these will be mad gay or lesbian to make it acceptable to the 3% of the population that are of this persuasion? They turned Sesame Street characters gay, so stands to reason they would ruin another child hood character the same. You are twisted and sick!

  34. First of all, It’s a frickin cartoon! 2nd kids have dreams, Dr’s , Princess, Clowns, Firemen,Police Officers,. Etc. 3rd Have you ever heard of the yearly thing deer do called the Rut ? They’re animals. Get a life people and quit looking for a problem.

  35. Aren’t there current day movies and songs much more violent and offensive than this?
    Or is the goal to destroy traditional society?

  36. This is just another example of liberal demoCRAP!

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    “Disturbing” Is The New Way to Describe Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Rightwing 247

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