Iran Torched in Huge Unrest Situation

President Trump is a genius with his strategy to use sanctions and tariffs to motivate cheating and rogue nations to step up and be better and fair allies to the United States. The sanctions are causing such a stir in Iran that their leaders do not know what to do about. The answer is simple. Work with President Trump and the rest of the free world to come up with a treaty or agreement that will make Iran a prosperous nation without them having to develop nuclear weapons.

Iran wants to have nuclear weapons for one purpose. They want to be a bully nation that threatens others to get what they want. Except their devious plan is failing because President Trump has seen right through their lies. Iran’s evil leaders have reported that 731 banks and 140 government sites have been destroyed. They have been destroyed because the people are tired of their leaders trying to play hardball and failing in the process. The people are ready for something better.

The leaders of Iran see the protests are a conspiracy or attempt of the people to overthrow their power. And they would be right except for the reasons behind the unrest. The people are tired of starving and paying higher prices because of the sanctions. They want their leaders to start dealing with the west so the sanctions can be lifted, and Iran can prosper once again. The problem started on November 15th when the people demonstrated and demanded that their leaders step aside and make way for people that were willing to negotiate with the United States.

But like good corrupt leaders, Iranian leadership blamed “thugs” that were connected to the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. In their crazy minds, these nations are responsible for the violence in the streets. They have failed to listen to their people and instead have devised their own story. This shows the disregard and lack of caring that the Iranian leaders have for the people that they are elected to serve. One of the Iranian leaders stated that “A deep, vast and very dangerous conspiracy that a lot of money had been spent on … was destroyed by the people.”

Instead of listening to the people Iranian terrorists are blaming their enemies for the problems. All Iran has to do is give up and cooperate with the United States. It is that easy. But they are just that stubborn and stupid to realize that their problems are their faults. The people of Iran are sick and tired of living under the oppressive rule of their stupid dictator. They want him and all his staff goes. And they want it right now.

President Trump and allies are winning the war over Iran. No longer can they hide behind a treaty that was designed by the foolish Democrats to allow Iran to secretly develop nuclear weapons. They have been exposed as liars and frauds. And now they are acting like a spoiled brat by throwing a fit and blaming others for their problems.

It was reported that over 200,000 people took part in protests and violence. There have been deaths on both sides. But those deaths are on the hands of Iran’s leadership. All they have to do is deal with the nations they hate the most and things will start to get better. No one is seeking to remove them from leadership except their people. The sanctions will continue to make things worse for the nation of Iran as long as their leader refused to deal.

President Trump will not lift the sanctions until the nation of Iran has agreed to a fair treaty. Not one European nation will relent until Iran deals fairly. Iran has tried to attack its way out from under the sanctions but a lot of big time. Now they are having to face their people. They now have a choice to make. They can force their people to silence, or they can listen to them and work to have the sanctions lifted soon.