Andrew Yang: What’s the Heck is He Doing in This Video?

Andrew Yang is now the Democratic presidential candidate clown. No one is ever going to take him seriously when he is pulling stunts like spraying whipped cream into people’s mouths. This is something that has never been done in the world of politics. People have kissed baby’s and helped the elderly, but they have never deliberately sugared up their supporters. This is clown politics coming to the world from a man seeking to lead to the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

Yang may be a person that thinks outside the box, but he thinks too far outside. No one in the world of governmental leadership will ever take him seriously as president acting the way he has done. The Democratic Party has already labeled themselves a group of stupid idiots. The world laughs at them, and they take it all as a compliment. Yang had people come up and get on their knees before him. He would then spray the cream into their mouths.

In a way, this is his way of getting people to bow before him. At the heart of the Democratic Party is the desire for power. They want people to worship them as a benevolent party that gives people what they want. Just as long as they worship them. Of course, for those that do not bow their knees to the dumb Democrats will get nothing. They will be put out and left for dead just like all the others that would seek to destroy their stupid utopia. Democratic followers have been blinded to what these people are really after. They blindly follow hoping that some promise that was made will be delivered. But so far they are still waiting.

Let’s face it, every person has shot cream into their mouths at some point. But to do it for people just to gain their vote is shallow politics. And the people that vote for Yang are just as shallow. His method of madness may have never been seen before, but the nation hopes to never see it again.

Yang’s actions are so embarrassing that even his campaign manager insists that he not do the action of spraying cream into a person’s mouth. His manager insists that the action was just a joke. But everyone can assume that he is talking about Yang at this point. The man is a joke, and he cannot really honestly expect to win the election acting like a monkey in a candy store.

As the moment continues the person on the floor is loving every minute of his fame. The Democratic monkey is sharing his sugar. Yang went on to jest that “That’s a full-service presidential candidate!” and the world shakes their head in embarrassment as a member of its population has done the unthinkable in politics. Yang has embarrassed himself and everyone that works for him on his campaign. He might as well be investigated by his own party to make sure that he actually did not get the whipped cream from Walmart.

What is even worse than his stupid actions is his promise to give every American $1,000 a month should he win the elections. He has never said where he would get the money from, and he certainly has not researched out what that action would do the economy of the world. Nothing is ever free, there is always a cost involved. Yang may be good at raising money and building a tech empire, but he stinks at politics. He might as well shut down and raise money for someone else running in the race. At least then the nation would not have endured another Yang moment.

Yippy Yang loves to say that “We’re growing and growing. We’re at a peak at the right time. When other campaigns are scaling back and shrinking, we are hiring and expanding.” He acts like he is running a business instead of running a campaign. Yang is not the president and he knows it. Any time a person must be pulled away from a situation to keep from making a fool of himself, then everyone knows that he has taken things to far.