See How Warren Plans to Pay for ‘Free Stuff’

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has been named as the “candidate of ideas” by many for her seemingly never-ending list of ideas to transform American problems into workable solutions. She has a plan for nearly everything, including healthcare, education, tax reform, and criminal justice. And for most of the presidential race, those ideas have earned her a significant amount of success.

However, we have started to see her poll numbers declining considerably in the last month or so. The consensus as to why seems to be that America, which she deemed as too dumb to understand all of her “plans,” has figured out that she, in fact, doesn’t really have any plans.

Time and time again, she has been asked about her plans for universal healthcare, tuition-free education, and a whole slew of other “ideas,” as well as how she would pay for them. And time and time again, she has insisted that we “trust” her to know what she’s doing or given very vague answers. After all, she has a law degree and successful political career, doesn’t that mean we should just believe everything she says?

Ummm, no. It means precisely the opposite. And a recent interview with the National Education Association proves it.

During the interview, she was asked about her support of a few new and rather expensive education programs being considered and, if that support was positive, how did she plan on paying for them.

She must be rather tired of getting asked this same line of questioning because she pretty much lost it. Gone was the calm demeanor asking for American trust. Gone was the big words meant to make you think she had it all figured out or even the pretense of long-worked out the math.

She quite simply said, “C’mon, there’s always money.”

According to the Free Beacon, “Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren brushed off a question on how she planned to pay for expensive education proposals, saying “there’s always money.”

“In a November interview with National Education Association President Lily Eskelsen Garcia, the Massachusetts senator said, “The way I see it, there’s always, c’mon, there’s always money. It’s there.”

But then things got even worse. As if Warren realized that would not be enough of an answer, she added, “Are we going to spend the money on defense or are we going to spend the money on our children.”

So if she can’t magically find trillions of dollars hiding out somewhere within the White House, she is going to cut our defense budget to pay for all her “plans.”

Does she have any idea how unsound that idea is? I mean, really.

Yes, our children’s education is important, extremely so even. But does that mean we should abandon our military efforts or forces?

At this very moment, North Korea is threatening to give us a “Christmas present” of missile testing aggression. Iran is on the verge of waging war and using nuclear power to do it. And Russia and China are seemingly teaming up against the US to prove their military prowess and dominance.

Our military forces have spent years without sufficient funding or governmental support. Only in the last few years under President Trump has that begun to change for the better. Similarly, our economy is seeing booms and advances not seen in nearly half of a century. Unemployment is way down, and Americans have more money in their pockets than ever.

And yet, Warren, if elected as president, would see all of those gains lost. She would strip America of most of our investment capital by highly taxing the wealthy. She would get rid of free choice for healthcare, housing, and education. And now Warren admits that she would cripple our military forces, reducing its funding and support all so she can pay for all the ‘great ideas’ she has.

Sure, that sounds like a win. Not.

She does know that this will ruin us, right. We will never be the same. Instead, the United States will find ourselves in the same situation as Venezuela, a nation that was once a thriving democracy, and now, after having its constitution rewritten to follow socialist beliefs and tendencies, has fallen into disrepair, extreme poverty, and constant political unrest.

Is that really what she wants for America?

We cannot let that happen. We must stand for our rights and nation worth fighting for. We cannot allow Warren to win.