James Comey Completely Unhinged, Points Fingers At Fox News

James Comey hasn’t been the most honest, stand-up fellow in the government. The former FBI director is now pointing his finger at Fox News, accusing them of canceling a guest appearance that he had scheduled with the network regarding the FISA report.

Comey went onto Twitter to say that he “offered” to go onto Fox & Friends as a way of answering questions and giving them “actual facts” regarding the FBI. Although he’s claiming that the network canceled on him, they have rebutted all of his claims.

Rather than dealing with the issue firsthand, Comey took to Twitter once again. He said that they canceled and that they “must have read the report,” referencing the IG report that was finally released by the House Dems.

The alleged FISA abuses that took place at the FBI under Comey’s direction were included within the report. While there were problems found within FBI actions, there was no conclusion that the investigation took place as a result of a political agenda going against Donald Trump.

A spokesperson at Fox News said that he was not booked on the show. It was never confirmed that he would appear on the Fox & Friends show at all, let alone being booked and canceled.

Comey claims that the IG report exonerates the FBI’s conduct under his leadership, claiming “It was all lies.” He wants to make sure that people don’t believe that he committed treason and that there was no spying on the campaign. As the former director puts it, it was “good people trying to protect America.”

All of what Comey is saying, however, only makes people question his integrity all the more. Was he booked on the Fox show or not? Fox says he wasn’t, so this could be just another example of him lying and expecting everyone to believe him.

There’s also the contents of the IG report. According to Comey, it’s enough to exonerate him and show it was all lies. Meanwhile, President Trump said that it’s “far worse” than he could have expected based on being briefed of the abuse of power that the Democrats exerted in the government.

Senator Chuck Schumer spoke about the IG report in such a way that it made it sound like the President was paranoid about “deep state conspiracies” based on the claim that the FBI opened up investigations into Trump’s campaign with political motives. Schumer says that the conspiracy theories can be put to rest. Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham states that the report shows just how off the rails the government went and that there was a significant amount of deception regarding the FISA warrants.

How is it that the Republicans and the Democrats can disagree so dramatically on the outcome of the IG report? Were there motives to investigate Trump’s campaign? Did the FBI show political bias or not? These are the questions that we’re still left with – and when Comey is lying now about how Fox News canceled his appearance when they said that he didn’t even have an appearance, it makes it hard to trust a single word that comes out of his mouth.

Graham says for the sake of the argument, he’ll accept that there was a legal foundation for the investigation. What he won’t accept, and what America as a whole won’t accept, is how the government got off the rails and how the FBI and Department of Justice allowed the investigation to continue — manufacturing evidence and lying to the courts. He said, “That should bother all of us” – and it does.

Comey’s words about saying “I don’t leak” and that he doesn’t “do weasel moves” are coming back to haunt him because that’s exactly what he does. He’s arrogant, and there are now too many people who are ready to call him out on it – including Fox News’ very own Jason Chaffetz.

Chaffetz wants to keep Comey grounded in reality, reminding the world that the report is not capable of providing a victory to the disgraced former FBI director. With five reports and over 1,000 pages, it identifies how much of FBI senior management went rogue and how Comey was “insubordinate” in the actions that he took.

So, James Comey can point the finger at Fox News all he wants, claiming that they canceled on him. The reality is that the man will say anything in order to make himself look better – especially now that the IG report has dropped to show that he was just as guilty as everyone suspected.