Merry Christmas: President Promises U.S. China Deal ‘Very Close’

This could be a great way to start off the final year of the President’s first term in office and a gift to many for the New Year – and it could even happen soon enough to be a Christmas gift for everyone as one story covering the U.S. and China trade talks reported. If this deal could get done by Christmas, the only thing the President would be missing is a big red suit and sack full of gifts! Getting this deal signed off by the big holiday could be a reality too, as there is that December 15th deadline looming.

There has been a considerable amount of concern and trepidation expressed by economists, experts, and of course, from those on the Left regarding the President’s China tariff talks. Many immediately claimed that these discussions and interrupting ‘business as usual’ would have a detrimental impact on the economy. It hasn’t. In fact, the economy is purring like a well-oiled machine!

The President has made no secret of his disapproval of the Government’s business relationship with China and his belief that we have been getting a bad deal for a long time. He has also made it clear that he wants America to be more self-sufficient and less dependent on foreign goods and technology.

This has created some rather coarse dialogue between the two countries, at least it appeared so from the outside. There have even been tariffs waged and countermeasures threatened during these ongoing trade discussions. Yet, as this latest story reported, it appears that progress is being made, and it seems to be significant progress too.

The source of that information, as our story reported, was the President himself who tweeted, “Getting VERY close to a BIG DEAL with China. They want it, and so do we!” That sounds not only positive but like very exciting news for an economy that is already humming along on cruise control. President Trump didn’t only talk about a deal being “close” to getting done, he also spoke of a “BIG DEAL” and we can only imagine what that might mean. Then to think that this could happen just in time for the New Year, maybe even Christmas?

Our story reminded us of that aforementioned deadline saying, “new tariffs are scheduled to kick-in on Chinese imports not yet hit by the trade dispute on December 15.” Yes, that’s close, but we may want to temper some of our excitement.

While a deal does seem to be imminent and close, these are still governments we are talking about. Saying as much, the story also reported that, “Chinese officials have been telling U.S. media outlets that it is likely that the tariffs would be delayed or canceled. The Trump administration has sent mixed signals, with unnamed officials saying tariffs were likely to be delayed and White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow saying tariffs were still on the table and no decision had been made yet.”

In layman terms that simply means Christmas probably isn’t likely but sometime early in the New Year is! Then we can begin to imagine what that big deal Trump was talking about might look like. What if we took the size and resources of a country like China and combined it with the resources and wealth of a country like ours, to promote and strengthen both nations, both economies, both peoples? What if President Trump was the leader who could make it happen? Maybe we should keep the Santa suit close after all?

There are many reasons to look forward to 2020, and many reasons to root for another Trump victory in 2020 too, but a deal like this could be the biggest reason to get excited about this New Year. It will be worth watching to see what happens, because it may mean we might get to open up a few gifts early this year. Either way, it will be a very Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year – have you been good this year?