A Craigslist Ad Goes Viral as People Search for “Grandma”

Every now and then, people post something that really pulls at the heartstrings. One Craigslist post did exactly that, with the title asking if anyone is in need of a grandma for Christmas.

A Tulsa, Oklahoma woman was in full despair. She said she had no family and want to be a part of one for the holiday season. Unfortunately, the post was deleted after receiving a number of hateful messages. All of that hate led to love as more people wanted to find the woman and create a memorable Christmas for her.

The love-filled search began when Carson Carlock was searching the Internet. He identified that he visits the free part of craigslist often in order to see what people are giving away for free. He saw the post about asking if anyone was in need of a grandma, and he thought to himself, “That’s really sad.”

In the end, the woman looking to play grandma says that she will cook and even bring gifts for the kids. She simply doesn’t want to be alone because “it hurts.” Carlock said that it broke his heart because he remembers that his mom was alone on her last Christmas. His mother was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. She went to church, loved her grandkids, and fell ill. She was unable to make the trip from Oklahoma City to Tulsa in order to spend holidays with the family. Due to car troubles, he was unable to help her make the trip. He is still haunted by hearing her on the phone, identifying that she was all alone.

This is when Carlock said that his mother would want him to be the kind of person to help others. He felt that the “grandma for Christmas” craigslist ad would be a way to honor his late mother and spread some holiday cheer.

Before he had the opportunity to reach out, he noticed that the post was filled with hate. Carlock said that he understood how people can be wary due to all of the bad things happening in the world. Many people accused the “grandma” of having ill intentions. No one was willing to welcome her into their home due to the possibilities that existed.

Carlock wanted to find the woman. He created his own ad on Craigslist, asking the “grandma” to reach out so that he could make sure she had an amazing Christmas. After all, it is what his mom would have wanted. He wasn’t able to me with his mom on her last Christmas, and this was his chance to do something extraordinary for a stranger. While there was no guarantee that this would work, he had to do what he could.

That’s when the post went viral. Over 2000 people shared the post onto Facebook overnight. Thousands of people all around the United States came to the defense of the grandma, ready and willing to welcome her into their homes. Many were hoping to find the grandma from the original post or any other grandma who was in need of a home for the holidays. It proved that there were nice people out there – and that the hate was only reserved for those who truly had the Grinch spirit.

The “grandma” in question finally did reach out to Carlock via email. Her name is Carrie, and she doesn’t seem to have any ill intentions. The only problem is that there was so much initial hate toward her that she’s now wary of taking anyone up on their offer – and for good reason. The world is a scary place, and it’s hard to find kindness, especially online.

The search for Carrie continues as it appears that she no longer wants to be found. Carlock wants to help but feels as though his window of opportunity has closed because of all of the hatred that filled Carrie’s initial post.

It doesn’t take much to be kind. Many people on social media, whether it’s Craigslist or Facebook, are reminded that if they don’t like something, they can continue scrolling. There is no reason to be nasty or hateful simply because you don’t like something. It’s amazing how much a single post can create so much hate. It’s simply not something that people should have to see. One grandma simply wanted the opportunity to play grandma for the holidays – and because of the way that the internet can create instant hate, she is now too timid to accept the genuine help that is being offered to her.