Maxine Waters Only Has a Hunch About Trump, No Hard Facts

Representative Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, has never hid the fact that she doesn’t like President Donald Trump. However, she’s also using her hatred of the President to decide that she doesn’t need hard evidence to determine that Trump has colluded with Russian President Putin during the 2016 elections. Luckily for Trump, the US justice system doesn’t make decisions based on what one biased Democrat believes.

Waters admitted on Monday that she doesn’t actually have any facts to prove her belief that Trump colluded with Putin during the presidential election of 2016. The woman who also sits as the chairwoman of the House Financial Service Committee told CNN that she believes Trump proposed lifting sanctions against Russia as a way for getting the help to win the election. This is all in spite of the Mueller report identifying that there was no collusion between the Kremlin and Trump’s presidential campaign.

According to Waters, she’d done research and new about Trump’s alignment with Putin. Beliefs aren’t enough, though. As an elected official on Capitol Hill, Waters should know better than to try to use her beliefs alone as enough to prosecute someone. She has said in a number of interviews that she believes that Trump should be sentenced to life in prison and has even gone as far as suggesting solitary confinement.

Waters, apparently, believes that what she thinks is true is better than the hard evidence provided within Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s hundred-plus page report. She believes that Putin wanted the sanctions lifted and so he agreed to provide help to get Trump elected if Trump promised to lift the sanctions. She also told CNN that she will “always believe this.” What she’s saying, essentially, is that even if hard facts are provided to her, more than the Mueller report, she’ll still believe that Trump is guilty.

Is that the kind of person that we want on Capitol Hill? Someone who has preconceived notions about someone and who won’t listen to facts? She is ready to impeach Trump solely based on her beliefs.

Waters began calling for Trump’s impeachment back in 2017. Meanwhile, she denied claims from Republicans to say that Democrats are looking for any excuse to remove Trump from office. It’s hard to deny claims such as that, though, when that is exactly what she was doing. She started to call for his impeachment long before anything came about from Russian collusion and certainly before the phone call to Ukraine. Meanwhile, it’s already been proven that the Russian collusion was a hoax created by the Democrats in order to try to impeach Trump.

Maxine Waters also makes an attempt to protect herself, saying that Republicans don’t have an appreciation for the Constitution. She may want to get a few of her facts right, here, too. She obviously doesn’t like to use facts. It’s easier for her to simply make up things in her head and use those as ways to incriminate people. She says that the Constitution gives the House the responsibility to impeach when they see any president “who is not good for the country.” However, that’s not what the Constitution says. She may need to read up on the Constitution to find out what the real rules are in order to impeach a sitting president. Who is to decide who is good for the country or not?

Trump has improved the economy, reduced the national debt, reduced unemployment rates, and done a lot of other positive things. Is that not good for the country? When Donald Trump was elected because of winning more states and being given the title of the president by the Electoral College, did the country not decide that he was good for the country?

It seems what Maxine Waters wanted to say is that the Democrats have decided that Trump is not good for the country because he isn’t who they wanted to win. She is still struggling to wrap her brain around the fact that Trump won over Clinton even though Clinton played dirty to try to win. They had rigged the election so that Clinton could win, so what went wrong? Perhaps, they underestimated just how many people didn’t want Hillary Clinton in as their president because they didn’t want someone who played so underhandedly. If Trump won, it must be due to Russian collusion, right?

Waters simply makes up things and says, “Those are facts” as though we are supposed to believe her. Perhaps if she spent more time focusing on Los Angeles County, the area where her district is, there wouldn’t be so many issues of homelessness and drugs. Instead, she’s chosen to let her entire state down by going after a man that she hates with no real evidence as to why she hates him.

Waters is a part of the swamp that needs to be drained. She knows she’s part of the problem, which leads to why she hates Trump so much – he actually wants to fix the problems.