United States Ready to Eat Turkey

Turkey has become more and more aligned with Russia and the other nations of the east. They have become hostile towards the United States and now they are looking to break all ties with the west. Mark Esper has stated that Turkey’s threat to shut down the NATO bases that have been designed to protect key areas of the world is just the latest in their pull from the west. And yet Turkey is becoming a more hostile nation as they are absorbed into the Russian confederacy.

The push by Turkey to remove itself from western alliances has promoted the president to seek penalties for their purchase and use of Russian technology against the west. The traitorous President Erdogan has threatened that there would be a retaliation response if the United States imposed sanctions or any other penalty on the Turkish people. Turkey is moving into an all-out confrontation with NATO.

Esper stated about the issue that “This is something that the alliance would have to discuss if the Turks are serious about this.” Their actions are having a broad impact on the region and the other nations of the world. Erdogan has been stating that his country has no reason to leave the alliance. But no one is trusting his words because his actions have been shady at best. Turkey commands the second-largest NATO army. For them to leave the alliance would put those forces at a crossroads.

They are going to have to choose to join forces with Russia or stay aligned with the west. This decision is beginning to affect their economy. Their currency has dropped 1.5 percent since the Turkish president made his statements. He has made mention and moves that are beginning to strengthen the nation’s ties with Russia. There was a time when the fickle president stonewalled the Russians during the Cold War. But that was decades ago.

Esper stated that “The issue here is — is, once again — what is Turkey’s direction with regard to the NATO alliance. I think this becomes an alliance matter, and their commitment to the alliance. He made mention that Turkey would have decided between which side they want to fall on. They cannot ride both sides of the fence for long.

Turkey is an emerging force that is trying to find their place in the world of military might. The United States is threatening to place sanctions on them. The purpose would be to help Turkey see their importance to stability in the region. But their ignorant president is trying to make a name for himself. Ismail Demir is the leader of Turkey’s top defense procurement, and he has stated that an agreement “is just around the corner.” Alluding to the deal with Russia. Turkey has the goal of making its missile defense systems once they have acquired the ones from Russia.

Russia certainly has a motive for their push to sell these systems to Turkey. The technology can be used to determine the technology that makes the f-35 undetectable to modern-day radar. They can begin to break the secrets of the planes that the United States uses to defend allies. Russia would love to have the technology. The move by Turkey has President Trump watching, but even more interesting is the push by the legislature to pass a bill that would require the sanctions to be placed on the country. The sanctions will hurt the people of Turkey. The last thing that President Trump wants to do is cause harm for the citizens of Turkey but their selfish president may leave him no choice.

All the efforts by the president to keep strong relations with the president of Turkey take a lot of effort. But in the end, the selfish Turkish president will have to decide if the welfare of his people is worth the military advancements that will come with the purchase of Russian defense systems. If Turkey runs into an alliance with Russia, it will mean that a valuable ally in the Middle East is gone. Turkey will lose their strongest supporter and supplier of weapons.