Advanced Space Technology Revealed By USAF General

A recently retired Lieut. Gen. with the U.S. Air Force gave a lecture last month that caused a number of people to raise their eyebrows. Steven L. Kwast hinted that the next major battlefield is going to be outer space. Some of his comments hinted at the possibility that the US military and industry partners have already developed some ex-generation technologies that would drastically change the field of aerospace and human civilization.

What many people are trying to figure out is whether it is positioning or if there is actually the possibility of being on the verge of a major breakthrough that would result in science fiction becoming reality.

Lieut. Gen. Kwast graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with an astronautical engineering degree. He also holds a public policy master’s degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He has served at Laughlin Air Force Base and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Additionally, he has over 3300 flight hours in a number of planes with over 650 combat hours.

Although there was a service-wide gag order, some reports show that Kwast spoke out on space-related issues, leaving him blacklisted for promotion and prematurely relieved of duties at the Joint Base San Antonio where he most recently served in the capacity of Commander of the Air Education and Training Command.

There may have been some controversy regarding being removed from his post, though there are a number of supporters and defense analysts who believe he should be appointed as the Commander of the Pentagon’s newest project: Space Force. Kwast has been heavily involved in ensuring that America maintains economic dominance and pushing the military toward a greater role in space. He has also published a number of op-eds to this point.

On November 20, Kwast lectured at Hillsdale College in Washington DC that focused on the subject for needing a Space Force. During this lecture, he talked about some of the new technologies that would be revolutionizing humankind. He referenced how the discovery of fire helped early humans while nuclear weapons in the 20th century provided strategic value. He referenced current revolutionary technologies to say that the power of space has the ability to change the world power forever.

Kwast believes that it is important for the United States to invest in space-based technologies based on the growing advances by the Chinese in areas of military and technology. He doesn’t want them to “win this race” because he fears they will put up roadblocks.

China has already created a number of technologies, including placing a lander on the far side of the moon and developing aircraft identified as the “mothership” that would allow for launching space planes rapidly and unpredictably.

Kwast also talked about how engineers, scientists, and others have been pushing Congress to fund Space Force more heavily, though there is still push back. He wants the United States to be able to develop kinetic and non-kinetic power. At some point, he makes some unusual claims about how the US possesses some revolutionary technologies. This includes being able to deliver “any human being from any place” on earth to any other place in less than an hour.

Apparently, Kwast isn’t the only one who has been making comments from the military about this kind of technology. It seems that there may be some revolutionary aerospace technologies that have not been released to the general public as of yet. Following some of the other comments made by military leadership as well as Kwast’s, there is more talk that the military has their hands on more information than they are currently letting on.

The retired Lieut. Gen. certainly makes it sound as though the United States needs to prepare for a great space war. China is already developing a space Navy while Congress has worked toward providing funding for Space Force, which will sit under the umbrella of the United States Air Force.

If even half of what Kwast says is true, it may allow for so many of those science-fiction fantasies to be turned into reality. Much of it will depend on the scientists and engineers to convince Congress that funding is needed. This way, the United States can truly prepare for the great space war – and potentially beat China to it so that the US has the economic dominance in this area. It’s all very exciting to think of the possibilities, though there’s still question as to whether he was speaking the truth or not.