Epstein’s Attempted Suicide Tape Is Missing

Although Jeffrey Epstein’s dead, there’s still an investigation going on to find out what he knew. No one really believes that he killed himself, either, so there’s also people wanting to get to the bottom of what everyone’s asking: who killed Epstein.

As if all of that wasn’t interesting enough, the surveillance on the attempted suicide is now missing.

Prosecutors had no choice but to reveal that the footage from outside of Jeffrey Epstein sell on July 23 cannot be located. This date was the first reported suicide attempt that took place at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. That was two weeks before he actually killed himself, based on the medical examiner’s report.

Federal agents have provided no explanation as to why the footage is missing. They have simply stated that they cannot find it.

With no tape in hand, it can lead to problems for Epstein’s cellmate, a former cop by the name of Nick Tartaglione. He was reported as attacking Epstein that night. Tartaglione made a formal request for the video to be preserved two days following the suicide attempt so that he could clear his name.

Epstein had reported that Tartaglione while the former cop says that he was trying to save Epstein. Now, with no surveillance tape, it’s hard to prove which story to believe.

Meanwhile, there is the other issue at hand: the actual suicide that happened two weeks later. This has been highly scrutinized and has led to a criminal probe. Two of the prison guards that were on duty the night Jeffrey Epstein died have since been accused of falsifying records. They made it look like they conducted require checks on the cell when the reality is that they didn’t.

The guards have chosen to plead not guilty.

The missing surveillance video is raising more questions. Who took the video? What was on the video? Was it Epstein or Tartaglione that was telling the truth on the night of the attempted suicide? With so many questions that may not get answered, it’s causing many people to wonder just how much Epstein knew – and how many politicians he was protecting that were involved in his child sex schemes.

Someone took the video because it would have shown something that they didn’t want to get out. Could it have been Tartaglione that attacked him in the cell? Could it have been someone else entirely?

Right now, the judge has told prosecutors to look deeper into what happened with the missing surveillance tape. In the meantime, there’s plenty of people providing reminders on social media and everywhere else that “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.” Even a brewery has printed this reminder on the bottoms of their beer cans simply because no one believes that it was a suicide.

Epstein had a number of interesting connections and friends throughout Capitol Hill. This included Bill Clinton. Since Clinton was known for what he did with Lewinsky, it’s not that crazy to think that he’d want to enjoy some of what Epstein was allegedly offering – girls under the age of 18. There’s also the unusual fact that a number of people who were looking into the Clintons or who accused them of any wrongdoing turned up missing. With the financial empire that the Clintons are sitting on since leaving the White House, many have hinted at the idea that Hillary or Bill could have paid enough to make it look as though Epstein committed suicide, paying off the guards on their way out.

At the time Epstein died, he was waiting for a trial on his charges of child sex trafficking. Being killed instead of committing suicide is suspected as it would have prevented outing some of the people who were participating in the acts with him.

Although the Bureau of Prisons Director, Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, says that there’s no indication that Epstein’s death was anything other than suicide, not all have the same belief. An expert forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, says that it looks a lot more like murder than suicide as the death is consistent with strangulation.

So, are we supposed to believe the prison director or a forensic pathologist? Many lean more toward that of a scientist than someone who doesn’t want to deal with the fallout that a murder could have happened at her prison. There’s an investigation to look into it further, but the missing surveillance tapes certainly make it look as though someone is making it hard for it to take place.