AOC Doesn’t Believe the US Is an Advanced Society

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez often speaks as though she’s not an American – or someone who absolutely hates the United States of America. Looking from the outside in, you would never expect her to be an elected official within the House. Yet, she is.

Her newest comments focus on how the United States is not an advanced society. That’s strange, considering we’re identified by the rest of the globe as one of the most advanced societies. We allow women to vote, we offer freedom of speech, and we have some of the most incredible technological advances at our fingertips.

AOC, however, believes that not only are we not advanced, we’re headed toward fascism.

Let’s give a bit of a definition on fascism since AOC is clearly mistaken on the term. It’s a far-right authoritarian regime that involves a dictator. If anything, the US is at risk of leaning too far to the left, not the right. While there are certainly fascist groups in the US, they counteract the far-left groups. We meet in the middle with the democracy.

The way the country was founded with a president, a House of Representatives, and a Senate ensures that the government doesn’t become a dictatorship. It also ensures that there’s sufficient balance on both sides to prevent fascism.

However, AOC has always been known to think way outside of the box. She speaks gibberish, expecting everyone to believe her. She’s always attacking America on Twitter, so it’s not surprising that she has chosen to strike again, right in time for the holiday season.

The Representative from New York was at a rally on Saturday in Los Angeles for the Democratic Socialist presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders. At the rally, she said that the United States is becoming a fascist country under the rule of Donald Trump.

That would have been plenty of an insult toward the country as it was, but she wasn’t done. After being interrupted by a heckler, the representative also said that the country is not an “advanced society.” She cited some of the remarks made by Cornel West, a left-wing activist and Harvard professor who spoke at the rally prior to her.

According to AOC, an advanced society is one that guarantees not only free healthcare but also free tuition for college and trade schools along with other benefits. That’s quite an odd definition for an advanced society – and one that most people likely do not share.

AOC has continuously called for a revolution, which is something that she and Sanders have in common. She believes that the movement is something that has been “decades in the making.” She believes that the world we currently live in put the rich first and the working people are put last. This comes from a woman who is currently supporting Sanders, a man worth millions of dollars and who owns three homes.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made the comment about the country leaning toward fascism on multiple other occasions. After visiting migrant detention facilities in July, she made the comment to the press. She believes that there is no question about how it’s headed. At least this makes sense as to why she is going so far left as a way to counteract her convoluted beliefs.

The representative suggests taking the time to study and look at the way the government transforms under authoritarian regimes. This is coming from a bartender who has a reputation for not studying anything. This means that she has not taken the time to look at the studies herself because she would see that the United States is nowhere close to becoming the fascist government that she fears.

Additionally, AOC needs to take a look at what’s coming out of her mouth. She said that the movement has been happening for decades. This means that Trump can’t be blamed for everything – he’s only been in the White House for three years. Obama was in for eight before him. Plus, her beloved Bernie Sanders has been a part of the government for decades. So, if there’s anyone to blame for the lack of advancement in today’s society, she needs to look within her Democratic Party.

AOC has proven that she’s a media whore and nothing more. She speaks out about things that she doesn’t understand. She calls the country that she lives in fascist and continues to do nothing about it. It’s, perhaps, why even the Democrats of her district would rather not vote for her for another term in the House. She’s the very definition of what’s wrong in Washington DC.