Buttigieg’s Plans to Legalize Meth & Other Drugs

Pete Buttigieg may have gone too far in his efforts to be liked by mainstream America. While he’s trying to present himself as a moderate choice, going up against candidates like Biden and Klobuchar, he’s not winning anyone over with his newest plan to legalize the possession of drugs such as meth, cocaine, and ecstasy.

The mayor from South Bend, Indiana has been criticized heavily for not having a lot of political experience. Even when he’s asked about it on debate platforms, he doesn’t seem worried – but the rest of America is.

Recently, Buttigieg was slammed by Sheriff Grady Judd from Polk County Florida after the mayor pledged to legalize possession of drugs across the board. Judd says that he’s “guaranteeing” that there will be more crime and more drug addicts. He’s also saying that the presidential candidate is also guaranteeing that there’s going to be less help since there’s already a shortage of services to help those who have addictions.

Pete Buttigieg has clearly not thought out his most recent idea – and no one seems too happy about it. The candidate recently told editors from the Des Moines Register that he doesn’t believe that incarceration should be an option for those who are in possession of such drugs.

Buttigieg has an explanation for his thought process, but Judd and others don’t follow. Buttigieg believes that incarceration isn’t the right solution for drug possession and use. He believes that, while people are using the drugs, it creates a public health problem. Adding incarceration to the mix only creates a health problem and a justice problem.

This sounds like something that should be coming out of the mouth of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren because it’s so far left that it leaves you scratching your head.

It’s not just his plan to prevent incarceration for the possession of drugs. He’d also like to modify the list of offenses in which an undocumented immigrant can be deported. Apparently, simply being in the country illegally is not good enough for him. He’d like to get rid of the “outdated, overly harsh” list that is in place right now because he thinks that it’s inconsistent with reforms to the criminal justice system.

Essentially, the moderate Dem running for president in 2020 has taken a sharp turn to the left with his way of thinking. It’s not consistent with the rest of his campaign promises because he was supposed to be the relief from the outlandish ideas coming from the far left – and now it seems that he’s ready to allow undocumented immigrants to stay in the country, even if they commit a bunch of different crimes because he doesn’t want to be “overly harsh” to them – despite the fact that they’re illegally in the country in the first place.

Sheriff Judd is making sure that everyone realizes just what kind of candidate Pete Buttigieg really is. He’s gone on record to say that the policies would allow people to do whatever it is that they want to do. Judd says that Buttigieg has practically stood on a platform to tell those in Iowa and the rest of the country that he’s going to guarantee that crime is going to go up, there will be more people stealing your stuff, and that more people are going to get addicted.

Well, when Judd puts it like that, it’s hard to see the appeal of Buttigieg, if there was ever an appeal to a Democrat with minimal political experience, to begin with.

Buttigieg certainly isn’t making a lot of sense with his newest campaign promise. It sounds a lot more like he’s trying to appeal to the undocumented immigrants and the drug dealers than the average American. He may not be aware of it, but drug addicts and undocumented immigrants aren’t the ones that are usually racing out on Election Day to fill out a ballot – so he may be barking up the wrong tree, there.

If he is still as centered as he promises to be, he needs to start explaining himself as to how legalizing the possession of cocaine and meth is a good thing for society. He has only announced that he wants to do it. The benefits have been lost in the message except for the fact that it will lead to less incarceration. While that might provide some relief to the prison guards, it’s certainly not a good thing for the communities that the drug dealers and users are living in.

Buttigieg’s campaign is flailing and it’s starting to show. He needs to figure out what his message is or step down once and for all.