Bloomberg Is Misleading Potential Employees About His Connections With the DNC

When it comes to the presidential race, there are no shortages of billionaires looking to throw their hat into the ring. It is a great time to be a billionaire politician, isn’t it? Michael Bloomberg is living proof. There are a number of valid questions to be asked about his campaign.

Why did he jump into the Democratic primaries? Is he emboldened by the data that he is collecting from a digital business that he has established? Did anyone even know about the business that he had established? Hawkfish is the name of the company and this story is only now being told to the general public.

Hawkfish was secretly founded back in the springtime. Bloomberg was looking to strike back against the advantage that Trump had created with his own digital team. At the time that the business was created, Bloomberg had yet to announce his intentions of running for president. This is a crucial detail of the story, one that cannot be left out for any reason.

The campaign refuses to provide any information regarding Bloomberg’s level of financial investment. As for Bloomberg, he claims that he is going to be spending over $100 million on ads that are disparaging to Trump. The campaign has already spent upwards of $10 million on ads that are being displayed on Google and Facebook.

Bloomberg is displaying a strong level of determination. He is willing to spend millions if it means keeping Trump from being able to win a second term. Hawkfish being founded before Bloomberg officially decided to enter the race is a key detail. FEC laws would not look kindly upon this decision if Bloomberg had already entered the race at the time.

If the company had been built for the sole purpose of furthering their campaign, this would be considered an FEC violation. By taking the time to make sure that he did not start the company before the campaign had already begun, he has apparently dodged any sort of legal issue. This does not seem to be all that fair but who are we to question the motives of various billionaires?

Instead of going about the process in a more transparent manner, Bloomberg has opened the door for people to question his motives. He is now paying himself with the data that his own company has collected. No one seems to see the harm in this, either. It is amazing to us that this behavior has been allowed to take place without being checked.

The fact that there was zero publicity surrounding the establishment of Hawkfish should raise a lot of red flags. The company did not even have a website when it was first established. To make matters even worse, the company used a very peculiar address in their initial paperwork. Bloomberg’s personal accounting firm, Geller & Company, was used for this purpose.

Bloomberg has also been meeting with various Silicon Valley luminaries, in hopes of garnering enough information to combat Trump’s re-election campaign. Ron Conway is one of the Silicon Valley investors that Bloomberg met with and he believes that Bloomberg’s campaign is of the utmost importance. Trump’s ability to rally his base with the use of digital mediums is something that the Democrats have noticed.

Now, they are finally looking to do something about it. Hawkfish is taking harmful shortcuts to address the chasm between the parties. They are using misleading information during the talent recruitment process. The Bloomberg campaign is trying their best to distance themselves from the company but to no avail. It is unclear as to how many recruitment targets were given a false pitch.

We are not here to cast aspersions on any business processes but these are the types of things that need to be investigated more thoroughly. It all seems more than a bit fishy to us. Doesn’t it seem a little bit convenient that Bloomberg didn’t seem to know that he was going to be running for political office when the company was established? If the shoe was on the other foot, the Democrats would be demanding that a full investigation take place.

Recruiters can be aggressive by nature. However, it feels a bit odd that Hawkfish would be called the primary platform for the DNC. The recruiter has since removed the claim from the Hawkfish account, which only serves to raise more eyebrows. Bloomberg has probably jumped into the race because the data he’s collected tells him that this is a good idea. It has all seemed to fall neatly into place for him, hasn’t it?