Why Are These Mysterious Drones Being Spotted in the Midwest?

We do not believe in panicking over nothing and there are a lot of news stories that amount to little more than silly fear mongering. However, this story is truly cause for alarm. Mysterious drones were spotted in the night skies by residents of Colorado and Nebraska recently. In fact, local authorities have confirmed that the sightings are taking place.

So what happens now? Is everyone supposed to go back to living their life and pretend that nothing is happening? This is a peculiar situation and you’ll have to pardon us for being a bit freaked out about it. The counties of Lincoln, Washington and Sedgwick have been affected by these sightings.

While the sheriff’s department in these regions is doing their best to calm down the nervous populace, there is only so much that they can do. They need to have more information to present to the public before anyone’s fears are truly assuaged. The drones are not operating in a random manner, either.

This does not seem like a case of hobbyists run amok. No, these drones are sizable and fly at the same time each night. Imagine how would feel to look outside and see a 6 foot wide drone flying in a pattern that appears to be premeditated! Pretty frightening stuff, of course.

The drones move in grid like patterns and are typically spotted in groups. They are flown between the hours of 7 PM and 10 PM. Todd Combs, the Yuma county sheriff, tried to ease the tensions with a Facebook post. He claimed that the drones were being flown in an airspace that is under the control of the federal government. However, this has already been proven to be a lie.

The Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration, the United States Army Forces Command and the United States Air Force were all asked for comment. Wouldn’t you know it, none of them actually confirmed what the sheriff had to say on the matter. We are not sure why he would choose to lie to the people like this and quite frankly, we are tired of the misinformation.

American citizens have the right to know what is going on in their country and that includes the skies. For their part, The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office says that they do not have the ability to put a stop to the drones. The airspace in question is currently out of their jurisdiction. According to the sheriff’s office, the drones cannot be shot out of the sky.

Since a drone is legally recognized as a form of aircraft, those who are responsible for shooting one out of the sky will be tried in federal court. Under the circumstances, it is easy to see why local governments are backing off. This comes as little solace to those who are expecting to have solid answers as to what is going on in their own backyard.

A meeting has been scheduled by the local authorities for January 6. At this time, they will be meeting with federal government agencies to come up with a plan. Hopefully, the citizens who reside in these locations are going to be given the answers that they deserve. There are a lot of theories as to what is going on at the moment but no one seems to have any solid answers.

This is something that is going to have to change. Everyone is feeling a bit vulnerable right now, that is for sure. The Colorado Department of Transportation, the United States Department of Transportation, Paragon Geophysical Services and Amazon have been asked about their connections to the drones, to no avail. The UAV Recon has also denied having any connection to the drone strikes.

Ian Gregor, an FAA spokesman, says that there are going to be proposals being made to change the current state of affairs. If this proposal comes to fruition, local law enforcement officials will be given the chance to identify the drones that are flying through their jurisdictions. According to reports, over 1 million drones have been registered legally.

This is going to make enforcement challenging but there is no reason to fret. The American citizen should always know what is going on in their own backyard and those who do not agree with this sentiment are setting themselves up for a difficult time in the future. We need to come together as a nation and demand to be kept in the loop on everything. With any luck, these Colorado and Nebraska will receive answers to their most important questions before too long.