Kaepernick Sides With Iranian Terrorists Against American Citizens

Colin Kaepernick is no stranger to the hot take and as you may have expected, his thoughts on the current situation with Iran are searing. Iranian General Soleimani has passed and instead of rejoicing with the rest of us, he wants to be a contrarian again. Big surprise, right?

This is just who he is and none of us should be surprised at this point. Most of us are simply happy that this evil man can no longer engage in attacks against the soldiers who are fighting for our freedoms each day. Kaepernick, on the other hand, would rather side with the enemy. He refers to the move as a form of “American imperialism”.

Terms like these are often tossed out by liberals who do not have the ability to explain their cockamamie opinions. Kaepernick is claiming that this move is actually dangerous. He believes that Black and Brown folks are only going to continue to suffer as a result of these decisions. This is the first time that we are hearing such a ridiculous opinion.

We guess you have to give credit where it is due, this is definitely a new way of thinking. Instead of viewing this as a war of terrorism, Kaepernick sees it as “imperialism”. He does not understand how difficult the president’s job is. President Trump has been tasked with keeping the nation’s citizens safe. This is not the easiest duty in the world, that is for sure.

That’s why we get annoyed when people try to downplay the efforts that have been put in. Our soldiers and our political leaders deserve support, not second guessing. Soleimani’s attacks against our country have left hundreds of soldiers dead. Did Colin stop to think about this before firing off his ill considered tweet? Of course he didn’t.

This is how liberals roll. They don’t care about facts or logic. It is all about having the hottest take possible. According to recent intelligence reports, attacks on America were imminent. If Trump had not stepped in when he did, we shudder to think of what would have happened next. No one ever stops to think about that, though.

Maybe, just maybe, the liberals should realize that there is certain information they just aren’t privy to. However, that would require taking a less selfish point of view when it comes to the rest of the world. Gen. Mark Milley says the drone strike was planned once the military became aware of the very credible threats to our country.

That doesn’t really sound like imperialism, does it? The United States embassy in Baghdad was recently attacked as well. This would certainly constitute an act of war against the nation. Soleimani was also in Iraq at the time, something that Kaepernick and his cronies failed to mention. His presence in Iraq goes against the previous agreements that were made.

American intelligence agents may not always receive the credit that they deserve but in this case? They deserve a great deal of kudos. Thanks to their efforts, they were able to pinpoint Soleimani’s location and gather the information needed to put a stop to his reign of terror. This should make all of us sleep much better at night.

Our intelligence agents are working tirelessly to make sure that they have all of the necessary information. This is not the sort of story that needs to be turned into an issue of racism but that’s Colin’s way. It’s the only way he can get attention, now that his NFL career is over with. While he gets plenty of support from the left, the right is not nearly as easy to trick.

Kaepernick doesn’t even realize that Black and Brown citizens were being targeted by Soleimani. This wouldn’t fit the anti American narrative that he likes to perpetuate, that is for certain. Facts are the enemy of liberal thought. It is much easier to simply spout off hot takes. Social justice warriors might be willing to buy into his ranting and raving but some of us have a bit more common sense than that.

For a man who is living well in America and has signature Nike shoes flying off the shelves, he sure does complain a lot. Hopefully, he can stop crying one day and realize how good he has it. The Iranian regime that was just topped would not allow him to live nearly as comfortably as he does now. Maybe this is something that he would like to take the time to consider before he tweets again. That is probably asking way too much, though.

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  1. This is criminal conspiracy with an act of espionage or war against the U.S.A. ! The kappredik stench is a known treasonous attack on U.S. Citizens Freedom he is trying to destroy ! Vaid reasons to put this asinine spy away !

    • Very UNTHANKFUL what The USA has afforded this IDIOT!
      Let him experience what it is to live in IRAN ~ He MIGHT Appreciate what he’Got! As far as I am concerned he can stay OUT OF THE USA

      YOU GOT BENCHED!!!!!
      BETTER thank those lovely white folks who took
      your SORRY ass in after your Black Daddy abandoned

    • I completely agree, I believe he should be branded as a trader and sent to Iran to live. I would pay for his one way ticket, I would love to see how he is surviving (if he lives long enough) in about a week! Trader bastard!

  2. piss on Kapernick

  3. This damn Kaepernick asshole needs a damn missile right up his ass ! ! Then, we wouldn’t have to put up with his ass anymore !

  4. I’ll bet now that the University of Nevada Reno is extremely disappointed to be associated with him given the fact that they gave him an “education”? Maybe an in-depth re-evaluation of the “Professors” who taught / brainwashed him should be considered .

  5. There is just no accounting for stupid!

  6. And as Forest Gump said “you can’t fix stupid”

  7. This is one man whose livelihood should be taken away from him. How many much more talented sports enthusiasts would give their eye teeth to be in this man’s place? How much money has he earned from the people and the country that he sorely hates. The only thing that he has that stops him from having no job is a contract. Contracts can be broken and this bum’s contract sure should be broken, thrown away and set on fire. If he doesn’t appreciate what has been given to him, thousands of other players who know how lucky they are to be living in the USA would be. Like so many others of non-deserving individuals working and playing in America, Colin’s toys should be taken away from him. Then he can pack his bags and move to Iran or some other Middle Eastern country where he thinks he can have it better than he has here.

  8. Throw this idiot asshole out of the country permanently, send him to Iran

  9. What did you expect from a WASHED UP, seriously SCREWED up Left Wing Lackey? Good results? . . . PATRIOTISM?!? UHHH, NOPE. Just the SAME OLD FAILURE ridden results, like the REST of his LIFE! It looks like NIKE will eventually go down with him as WELL. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. The United States should revoke the citizenship of this traitor ann never allow him back in this country again

    • yeah I fully agree he is so unhappy here deport the muther fucker to a muslim country then let him shoot his mouth off in muzzie land

  11. Let him put on a USA soldier’s uniform instead of an NFL uniform and see what it’s like to be useful in this world. He is an ungrateful, ignorant, racist cry baby who should be exiled to the Muslim country of his choice.

  12. Nike should, in actuality be ashamed that they are supporting this worthless SOB. I am terribly surprised that NIKE has paid this man in order to promote their own self interests. The owner of Nike is also a worthless American. Tell this man to call me and I will repeat the same to his face. A disrespectful jerk is not the proper word for this…
    Michael Kilgore

  13. Get the Tar and Feathers Ready this ASSHOLE is a PERFECT CANDIDATE.

  14. Kapershit leaves new definition to someone who is a “POS”!

  15. Of course he does, leftist idiot.

  16. The obvious difficulty in interracial “marriages” is the genetic upgrade the children get from the catastrophic union pure licentious lust. The axioms enjoy greater clarity, while the instincts remain in the turpitude of 3rd world “morality,” whatever *THAT* is.

    If he favors the mass murdering of whites, why hasn’t he taken up arms like the Muslims who Obama invited into our nation have done/

  17. Kaperdump is a worthless sob there is no
    reason why that muslim bastard should be
    allowed in the U.S.A. ship the dirty
    lying idiotic scumbag to the muslim country
    that he thinks that is so great and never ever
    let that scumbag back into U.S.A. for any
    reason and if he gets back into the U.S.A.
    put the sob in front of a firing squad for


  19. Pack his shit and move him over there to live he doesn’t deserve to be in this country. He has to be such an embarrassment to his adopted family. And they did everything for him and this is how he repays them. He’ll just school his ass with a BB gun and watch him cry.

  20. Fuck him. Made a fortune with idiot companies paying for his way. Fuck Nike! Asking him millions for his stupid supposed talent. And fuck all the assholes buying his shoes. That company should be ashamed of itself! I will never buy another Nike product. Think of all this country has done for this ungreatful mutt. What a piece of shit!

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