Pelosi’s Power Trip Is Coming to an End. Hawley Proposes a Rule Change

Nancy Pelosi has been enjoying her power trip as she holds onto the articles of impeachment for as long as possible. Although she has been pointing her finger at Trump for quid pro quo, she doesn’t seem to mind doing the same thing when it comes to making demands of the Senate. Her claim is that she is holding onto the articles until she can guarantee that there is a fair trial – something that she has no right to do.

With the articles in her clutches for entirely too long already, one Republican Senator from Missouri has said enough is enough. Josh Hawley is proposing a rule change that would dismiss impeachment charges if Nancy Pelosi does not send them over to the Senate within 25 days.

Hawley made the promise last week that he would do this. The proposal is now on the Senate floor. The rule change involves creating a deadline for transmitting the articles of impeachment since Pelosi feels as though she can hold onto them for as long as she would like.

The suggestion is that there’s a 25-day window given to the House for them to send over the articles of impeachment. In the event that the deadline is missed, The Senate would have the ability to pass a motion dismissing the charges based on the prosecution (House) not bringing the case in a timely manner.

What does this mean for Trump’s case? It would mean that Pelosi would have until January 13 in order to deliver the articles of impeachment. It also means that she would have to and her power trip once and for all if she wanted to truly get the president impeached. However, many are questioning whether she actually wants him impeached since she said from the beginning of the year that impeachment was not something she wanted. However, her hand was forced into playing the impeachment card. This means that she may not actually deliver the articles of impeachment until her hand is forced yet again.

Hawley’s rule change is co-sponsored by more than a dozen other senators, including some notable names like Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton. It’s no surprise that they’re pushing such a thing, too, since all three of them have identified that they’re looking to run for president in 2024. Showing that they hate impeachment will go for with Trump’s base, so they need to do what they can to impress the Trump followers.

Many have been saying from the very beginning that impeachment would only help Donald Trump’s reelection campaign – and it’s been proving true, too. Despite being impeached by the House, he has been able to come up with impressive fundraising numbers that have far exceeded those on the Democratic side.

The Democrats seem to have played right into his hand by impeaching him because it allows him to prove to America that they have been on a witch-hunt from the very beginning. What are they impeaching him for? Well, not for any of the reasons they originally went after him for. It wasn’t for Russian interference, it wasn’t for quid pro quo, and it wasn’t for interfering with a candidate’s electability. Instead, they’re focusing on abuse of power and obstruction of justice – and both of those are weak.

It’s really no surprise, then, that Pelosi is holding onto the articles. She knows what’s going to happen when she hands them over. The Senate is only going to choose to reinstate the president because there’s not enough to convict. This whole thing was for show, and Pelosi is going to be an embarrassment the moment she hands them over. At least now, she can stomp around and make empty demands of how she wants a fair trial. Even that is insulting, however. She’s assuming that the Senate would conduct an unfair trial. She’s forgetting that the Senate is comprised of more Republicans than Democrats. Just because the House filled with Dems didn’t conduct a fair impeachment hearing doesn’t mean that the Republicans will do the same. The Republicans have more integrity than that. But, it’s the only thing that Pelosi feels she has control over.

Hawley is about to change all of that. If the ruling can be passed, it’s about to change everything with the way that the House has handled the impeachment. Technically, the president hasn’t even been impeached yet since the House is refusing to hand over the articles of impeachment.