Lara Logan Explains Iran Coverage Is Limited

Lara Logan, a veteran news reporter, has been vocal about telling everyone that they’re not getting the whole truth about Iran. While many people think that they’re hearing everything, the information being sent through the media has been “very carefully stage managed” as she explains.

The whole #FakeNews is back, ensuring that Trump is made out to be the bad guy. After listening to Logan, however, she paints a very different picture.

The propaganda that the left likes to spew is getting to be overwhelming, especially when so many people cling to the news that makes Trump to look like a warmonger without knowing what’s really happening.

The award-winning journalist went onto the Glenn Beck radio program to talk about what it’s really like to report from Iran. She explained how the mainstream media is failing to provide current coverage on what’s going on between Iran and the US, particularly after there was an airstrike that killed Qassem Soleimani.

Logan identified that everything is carefully managed and that things don’t happen on the ground without being “orchestrated.” She also explained what it means to be allowed into Iran. She said that once the Iranian government provides approval that you can enter, you are given a “minder” that monitors everything you do and say. She said that journalists refer to them as “minders” but the reality is that they are intelligence agents. They are recording everything. Essentially, it means that every person you speak to knows that there is an intelligence agent standing right next to you.

The problem is, reporters are failing to identify this context. Logan has said that the current reporters are failing to do their job because they are not taking a step away from it all and providing the broader context. Reporters are providing one perspective and there are a lot of questions about what’s really going on. The Iranian regime are “Masters of propaganda” according to Logan.

What this means is that the reporters aren’t acknowledging this. Every time a reporter talks to an Iranian person on the ground, they are saying what they know that the Iranian government wants them to say. Of course, the message is going to be “death to America.” However, that may not be the actuality of what everyone wants, particularly because of the “minders” that journalists are given.

This is a huge disservice to the American people because everyone depends on investigative journalists to tell them what’s going on. However, the left-leaning media is all about showing how Trump is doing a bad job. The Democrats would prefer for everyone to believe that Trump made an emotional call without really thinking things through. They would like to demonstrate that Trump is the reason for the Iranian hostilities. However, the message coming out of Iran was “death to America” long before their general was killed by an airstrike.

The media wants to paint the picture that Trump is causing the problems with Iran. However, there have been issues with the United States and Iran since 1979. The United States continues to have a military presence around the area and has for decades due to rising tensions. Trump is simply the most recent president to have to deal with any of it. He isn’t going to pay them off with billions of dollars as Obama did. Instead, he is showing that the United States is no longer going to be bullied.

Until the media begins to report on what’s really happening, Democrats will be able to portray Trump as someone who is looking to create war. However, Lara Logan is the first one to step up and explain all about Iranian propaganda and how the crisis was escalated long before the drone strike.

Luckily, there are investigative journalists like Logan who are ready to speak out and speak up. They want to make sure that the American people understand that there is a significant amount of propaganda happening. She is explaining how current journalists are not getting the job done by going into detail about the context – the context that Americans simply don’t know unless they have been boots on the ground in Iran.

The Democrats can continue to smear Trump’s name. However, the reality is that Trump is the only president to truly do something that is taking a hit on Iran instead of strengthening the enemy country even further. The country isn’t going to get any more money out of us. Instead, they will have to deal with sanctions and, potentially, a stronger military presence.