Did Sanders Tell Warren That a Woman Couldn’t Be Elected?

All seemed friendly between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the beginning. After all, they’d worked together in the Senate for years. However, there can only be one Democratic presidential nominee and with Sanders and Warren both leaning to the far left, tensions are on the rise. It was only a matter of time before the feud would get real.

Now, there’s a report that says that Sanders told Warren that a woman couldn’t be elected. However, Sanders is angrily denying the report that has come in from CNN.

Although Sanders can deny the report as vehemently as he wants, Warren has confirmed with a statement of her own that the claim is true. The comments were made to her in December of 2018. She said that the two of them met up for a few hours to discuss the 2020 election and some of their shared goals, which included beating President Trump and taking the government back from the “wealthy and well-connected.” Warren said that one topic that came up was what would happen if a female candidate was nominated by the Democrats.

Warren said that she said that she felt that a woman could win while Sanders disagreed. So, he essentially said that a woman couldn’t be elected without even hearing what woman that would be.

So, at that time, Sanders felt that a woman couldn’t win. It was a faceless “woman” however because they weren’t discussing whether Warren would be that woman nominated by the Democrats. Perhaps Sanders feels differently now that he’s friendly with the female who could potentially win the primaries.

Warren has shut down discussion of what the conversation was between her and Sanders back in December 2018, She said that she knows that they have more in common than some of the differences. She says that she’s a part of the presidential race to talk about what’s broken in the United States and she knows that Bernie is in the race for the same reason.

Although there have been countless reports that there’s a feud between the two since they have been neck-in-neck within the polls, Warren continues to say that she and Bernie are “friends and allies” and that they will continue to work together as a way to “defeat” Trump. At no point does she refer to him as “President” simply because she’s one of the many Democrats who like to say that he’s not her president. The fact remains: Warren wants to make sure that someone on the Democratic side becomes president. Sanders feels the same way. Whether that’s a woman or a man is yet to be seen. Either way, Sanders will have to accept that a woman can win if Warren is able to secure the nomination from the Democratic National Committee.

Sanders continues to call the claims that he said a woman couldn’t be elected “ludicrous” while calling any staffers who have reported on the exchange “liars.”

It’s likely that Sanders does feel as though a woman can’t win. After all, he’s a rich white man who has had an easy go of life. This is his second presidential run. He’s seen men always win the elections. He knows what the road ahead of him looks like. If he thought that a woman could win, he’d bow out of the elections and allow Warren to be the one that the Democrats will elect. However, he’s not doing that. He believes that he has a better shot to be elected than she does.

Sanders is in trouble and he knows it. The only thing that he can do is go on the defensive to deny the claims whether he actually said it or not. To do otherwise would be to admit that he finds females to be part of the lesser sex – and to do that would be campaign suicide. No woman would vote for a man who said that women can’t get elected as president. So, he’s doing the only thing that he can by vehemently denying that he ever disagreed with Warren.

Even now as Warren says that the two have the same goals in mind and that they remain friends, Sanders probably doesn’t see his “friend” as someone who’s going to be elected. While he would probably rather see her get elected than Trump, he doesn’t want to admit that he’s not going to be the one on the ballot for the general election against Trump.