Megan Rapinoe Won’t Be Silenced by Olympic Committee

Megan Rapinoe has made headlines first by being the team leader for the winning US women’s soccer team. Then, she made headlines again by turning down a White House dinner invite from Trump and then, again, when she was named the athlete of the year by Sports Illustrated only to tell them how they’re not diverse enough.

Rapinoe doesn’t know how to accept anything graciously and move on. Rather than giving it her all to be the best soccer player and get excited about the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo, she wants to use her athlete platform to talk about all of the social injustices in the world.

The problem is that the Olympics Committee is going to have none of that. The international committee has announced rules that will limit the political protests made by any athlete in the games.

The soccer player has already shown that she doesn’t plan on complying with the rules. She joined Colin Kaepernick years ago when he kneeled in protest during the national anthem of an NFL game.

Now, she’s been posting on Instagram to show that she doesn’t approve of the IOC and their concerns with the protests instead of the reasons for them.

The Olympic Games have always been about who is the best athlete. It’s about allowing countries and individuals to compete against each other. Particularly because it’s an international competition, politics have no place in the games. The IOC doesn’t have to care about the reasons for the protests. What they do have to care about is how athletes are presenting themselves and making sure that all of the games are carried out in a fair and proper manner.

That’s not good enough for Rapinoe because it’s not just about soccer for her. It’s about how loud she can be to show that she’s angry at the world. She has said that “We will not be silenced” because there’s not enough being done about the reasons she’s protesting. However, she’s the one that doesn’t get it. It is not the place of the IOC to do anything about why she’s protesting.

The IOC has released specific rules about political protests to ensure that there’s unity between the competitors. This includes prohibiting kneeling, hand gestures, and the use of signs by any athlete throughout the Olympic village as well as during medal ceremonies.

Thomas Bach, the president of IOC has said that the Olympics are not and must never be a platform that will “advance political or any other divisive ends.” He goes on to explain that organizations and individuals undermine the political neutrality of the games when they try to use the Olympics as a stage for their agenda, regardless of how legitimate that agenda may be.

Essentially, it means that Rapinoe could single-handedly destroy the political neutrality of the Olympics with her publicity stunts that she loves to partake in.

Rapinoe is fine with grabbing onto any cause, even if she personally hasn’t dealt with it. She jumped onto Kaepernick’s agenda by saying she has never had to deal with racial profiling, brutality from the police or any of that but that she “cannot stand idly by” when there are people who have to deal with it.

The soccer player has stopped kneeling during the national anthem. As for what her agenda is, she doesn’t like the fact that there’s a double standard in the US when it comes to race. However, that has always been an issue and there are countless groups that are working to do something about it. Her taking a stand at the Olympics isn’t the time or the place. She’s not going to tell anyone anything that they don’t already know. She also doesn’t have the voice that anyone is suddenly going to grab onto and change their ways.

The soccer star is great at kicking the ball around the field. However, she’s not a politician. She’s a spoiled brat that doesn’t know how to accept her fame with grace by having dinner at the White House without saying that she’s not going to the “F***ing White House” simply because she doesn’t like Donald Trump.

If Megan Rapinoe isn’t going to be silenced, she may find herself in violation of the Olympic rules. Regardless of how good of a soccer player she is, she may end up screwing over her team because of not wanting to play by the rules. This means that the US team may want to think about finding a new team captain since the one they have is an irrational media whore.