Megan Rapinoe Won’t Be Silenced by Olympic Committee

Megan Rapinoe has made headlines first by being the team leader for the winning US women’s soccer team. Then, she made headlines again by turning down a White House dinner invite from Trump and then, again, when she was named the athlete of the year by Sports Illustrated only to tell them how they’re not diverse enough.

Rapinoe doesn’t know how to accept anything graciously and move on. Rather than giving it her all to be the best soccer player and get excited about the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo, she wants to use her athlete platform to talk about all of the social injustices in the world.

The problem is that the Olympics Committee is going to have none of that. The international committee has announced rules that will limit the political protests made by any athlete in the games.

The soccer player has already shown that she doesn’t plan on complying with the rules. She joined Colin Kaepernick years ago when he kneeled in protest during the national anthem of an NFL game.

Now, she’s been posting on Instagram to show that she doesn’t approve of the IOC and their concerns with the protests instead of the reasons for them.

The Olympic Games have always been about who is the best athlete. It’s about allowing countries and individuals to compete against each other. Particularly because it’s an international competition, politics have no place in the games. The IOC doesn’t have to care about the reasons for the protests. What they do have to care about is how athletes are presenting themselves and making sure that all of the games are carried out in a fair and proper manner.

That’s not good enough for Rapinoe because it’s not just about soccer for her. It’s about how loud she can be to show that she’s angry at the world. She has said that “We will not be silenced” because there’s not enough being done about the reasons she’s protesting. However, she’s the one that doesn’t get it. It is not the place of the IOC to do anything about why she’s protesting.

The IOC has released specific rules about political protests to ensure that there’s unity between the competitors. This includes prohibiting kneeling, hand gestures, and the use of signs by any athlete throughout the Olympic village as well as during medal ceremonies.

Thomas Bach, the president of IOC has said that the Olympics are not and must never be a platform that will “advance political or any other divisive ends.” He goes on to explain that organizations and individuals undermine the political neutrality of the games when they try to use the Olympics as a stage for their agenda, regardless of how legitimate that agenda may be.

Essentially, it means that Rapinoe could single-handedly destroy the political neutrality of the Olympics with her publicity stunts that she loves to partake in.

Rapinoe is fine with grabbing onto any cause, even if she personally hasn’t dealt with it. She jumped onto Kaepernick’s agenda by saying she has never had to deal with racial profiling, brutality from the police or any of that but that she “cannot stand idly by” when there are people who have to deal with it.

The soccer player has stopped kneeling during the national anthem. As for what her agenda is, she doesn’t like the fact that there’s a double standard in the US when it comes to race. However, that has always been an issue and there are countless groups that are working to do something about it. Her taking a stand at the Olympics isn’t the time or the place. She’s not going to tell anyone anything that they don’t already know. She also doesn’t have the voice that anyone is suddenly going to grab onto and change their ways.

The soccer star is great at kicking the ball around the field. However, she’s not a politician. She’s a spoiled brat that doesn’t know how to accept her fame with grace by having dinner at the White House without saying that she’s not going to the “F***ing White House” simply because she doesn’t like Donald Trump.

If Megan Rapinoe isn’t going to be silenced, she may find herself in violation of the Olympic rules. Regardless of how good of a soccer player she is, she may end up screwing over her team because of not wanting to play by the rules. This means that the US team may want to think about finding a new team captain since the one they have is an irrational media whore.


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  1. Well, the IOC needs to “toughen up” and APPLY THE RULES, like the United States Marine Corps does in boot camp. If one screws up, the whole platoon suffers. The US volleyball team needs to sit her down and explain FORCEFULLY that if she opens her mouth or makes a gesture one time, the whole team suffers. That kind of action WORKS, only if the whole team joins in. It’s called “teamwork”. It’s not about the “I”, it’s about the “team”, and if Rapinoe cannot see that, she needs to be expelled from said “team”. Any Marine will confirm this, as boot camp teaches the “I” factor is no more. It’s about the “team”.

    • If She hates America so much why doesn’t she leave?

      • Excellent question! What a hypocrite she is to represent the country she so loudly and obnoxiously puts down. They should release her from the team now. Since she can’t be silenced there is no reason to trust that she will follow the rules.


      • Their all like that aren’t they. Hollywood, sport stars, run of the mill leftists more about running their mouths and getting attention. She want’s to be an activist, fine, quit the team or team quit her.

    • The United States Olympic Committee can tell LGBT Advocate Megan Rapinoe she is dismissed from the team for failure to abide by the IOC Rules, i.e., no politics, and let her find another media to spouse her views as a Lesbian.

    • I totally agree with you. However, she is on the Women’s Soccer Team, not the volleyball team. U.S. Women’s Soccer Coach should bench her or get rid of her. She is a disgrace to America and the Team should be rejecting her.

    • She needs to be kicked off the team! There’s better, younger players out there that want a chance to play!

    • Rapinoe is a pompous ass. America has been good to her and she no appreciation
      For what she was given

    • She is a disgrace to her country and should be summarily removed from the team. No individual player is worth the integrity of the entire team, especially when the team represents the USA.

    • Excellent idea, just like boot camp, it would only take once for a blanket party!

    • What she really needs is a rude awakening like Kaepernick got. They are not fit to be called an American. If they think this country is so bad they need to try living in some other country for a while. I say love or leave it.

  2. I have to agree with your article 100%

    I do hope that Rapinoe tones down for the Olympics and the team doesn’t have to take a hit from her antics.

  3. If she doesn’t comply then kick her off the team. If she doesn’t like this country she can play for Iran.

  4. Deport the witch !!

  5. She needs to be REMOVED from the TEAM ASAP. She brings no HONOR but disgrace to the GAME and the U.S. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. As an American citizen she has a right to her comments. However this freedom of expression does not include license, which I think a great many people don’t even know about. There are rules to be followed and consequences for not following them. There are no primadonas in team effort. You all function as a finely tuned human machine every one doing their assigned part to their best ability. The team wins by all cooperating but not by a single persons effort. There is no I in the definition of TEAM. As for not visiting the White House individually well and good but the rest of the team should have gone. The White House granted that honor and she blew it off. What did the rest of the team honestly think about her arbitrary decision not to go the F+++ing White House, as she put it. . There is an old saying it is better to be silent and thought a fool then to open ones mouth and remove all doubt. She should think first before putting her potty mouth in gear. Also has she done anything positive to repress her anger such as joining Habitat for Humanity to help build home s for the needy such as the Carters do at their age. All talk and no positive action. A wasted opportunity.

  7. I learned many years ago during my career that no matter how good an employee is, there is no way one can tolerate a bad attitude because it creates too many peripheral problems. Some will think that they cannot do without that person with the bad attitude but they soon find out that the whole situation is a lot better without them is they have the courage to eliminate that person.

  8. No amount of skill is worth having someone with Rapinoe’s attitude on the team. Won’t be silenced? You can bet she will be silenced in the Olymics!

  9. Only a mother could love it (her)!

    • I always have followed and rooted the US soccer team in every event, now they decided to be the anti US soccer team when they decided to support , perhaps of fear, that traitor to our country, instead of accept an invitation from the President of the USA!!!, the whole team is not worthy of our support anymore, they are as repulsive as Rapino, when they allow her disrespect to our National Anthem our flag and our country even in other countries in front of the cameras so that everybody can see her defiance??!!, hate and angry at the country that have gave her what other country will not, but that’s Ok, why don’t you move to the country you choose , play for them and be happy, but please let us be happy too without your presence!!,do not think that I, my family and friends will root for the soccer team anymore until they apologize for their pathethic and shameful support of that traitor.
      God bless the USA !

    • I am sure it is an it. Transgender and that is why she plays so well against straight females.

      • How offensive can you be. It’s because of people like you that strong women protest against the disparity of wages for women, the denigration of strong vocal women and the ever childish name calling.

        Grow up buddy. Look to the traitor in the white house, and call out that behavior.

  10. Why should the team suffer. If Rapinoe can’t keep her mouth shut then she should be kicked off the team. Then Liberal Hollywood can pay her as they do all the Idiots !!!!!

  11. The thing that really irks me is where are her teammates. Are they all anti American prima donnas? doesn’t anyone else on the team have the courage to speak up in defense of the goodness of America and the depravity of Rapinoe? How shameful. This woman should just be thrown off the team. You know free speech is a given in America but you can’t shout fire in a crowded auditorium. I think her comments are equivalent.

  12. I’ll say it again. Let some other athlete who loves our country play for the USA. .This one doesn’t understand there isn’t an I team. That’s what team sports is supposed to be about!

  13. Get rid of the lezzy bitch!

    • I have already made my choice if she plays period I will not watch or support the team being a good sport
      is better than winning

  14. Rappin’ho is an egotistical publicity whore. She doesn’t care about her team, just uses it to spread whatever lie she is spreading. Anything to crap on our traditions and conservative christian culture. I say replace her before the Tokyo Olympics. American patriots are through with athletes who do not represent America with grace and good sportsmanship.

  15. I have decided if Rapinoe keeps on with her political whoring; I’ll NEVER watch the women play ever again. There was ONE player on the ENTIRE team that was willing to pick up OUR flag the last game they played to WIN the Cup last time. That was after Rapinoe & one of her little recruits stomped on it. That’s the day I also LOST all RESPECT for their coach; also. A SICKENING DISPLAY. THEY CAN ALL LEAVE OUR COUNTRY IF THEY DON’T LIKE IT HERE. !!!!

  16. She should be asked to either keep quiet or Out !!!!! Then she can go to Hollywood and keep talking !!!!!

    • You’re correct, she belongs in Hollywood with all the other perverts. her and Michael Moore make a great pair and they can have a contest to determine who is the biggest clown.

  17. It is done! She and her cohort stomped on our flag (old glory) then they are done! A USA Team member (Olympic or whatever) that does that is no longer a USA Team member, PERIOD! You cannot represent by disrespect! You cannot disgrace yourself and your Nation by defiling a national symbol and not face dire consequences the least of which is permanent removal from the USA Olympic women’s soccer team. It is moot, she, by her actions and rantings has rendered herself person-non-grata as a representative of our Nation and our Olympic women’s soccer team, again, PERIOD! Why is she even a topic of discussion or debate, there is no other alternative, what is done is done and there is no taking it back. Her actions have proven she is a hypocrite and yet another person that has misunderstood/misused the First Amendment (freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly) and would be better off somewhere else, thank you very much.

  18. She sure isn’t worth keeping. I believe she can be replaced very easy.

  19. Rapinoe , you are Anti-American. You get nothing. Read it again NOTHING. You are very sick person, you need help, move to Iran they could help you.

  20. She’s just another hate filled, ugly, big mouth demented sicko divisionist. She needs to be kicked out so she can life out her life as the old miseable old hag.

  21. Leave for cripes sake. Nobody will miss you believe me.

  22. Who? Let her spout off. Smart Americans don’t have to listen to her foul mouth spew.

  23. Kick the biatch off the team and forget about it.

  24. Dear Megan I understand your fervor for what you believe in. However, in 1968 at the Olympics men were stripped of their medals for the Black Power salute. It made quite and impact on those outstanding athletes who were trying to make a point.
    You are a fine athlete. May I respectfully remind you that if the IOC says you can not use the WC for a political platform and you do it any way, you can be sat down and not allowed to play. That hurts your team which is not what I think you want. We need you on the pitch for America. We need the whole team to represent us by competing not being benched. If you wish to make points do it off the field or make speeches to organizations who will give you a voice. Don’t jeopardize a magnificent teams chances by failing to obey the rules of the IOC. I wish you well Megan

    Michael McGuire Lover of Football the European kind.

    • Why do you patronize this spoiled brat? I think she is old enough to have considered these obvious points and angry and selfish enough to have rejected them.

  25. No taxpayer funds should be used for ANY purpose including training, housing, food, security, transportation, etc. for this dyke big mouth.

  26. She’s just another Trump Hater because he dares to be Politically Incorrect in speaking the truth. She is annoyed that somehow, someway, she resulted in. Being abnormal in being a man in a women’s body. She hates Trump because he stopped the military from spending millions of dollars to fund those that can’t decide if they want to be a man, woman or s toaster at the expense of the military. Instead of being comfortable that our society allowed her to receive great recognition and rewards for achievement…she prefers to spit in our face and demand more because she’s a freak.

  27. Rappinhoe can BUY her own air time for it’s dissent and grievances. Not on my dime.
    Put a plug in it.

  28. Megan Rapinoe needs to be silenced completely by everyone associated with sports. She nothing more than a loud mouth ignorant bitch who know nothing about anything other than she is a LBGTQ member that thinks the organization give her the right to be right and everyone else is wrong. Instead of using the fact that she is gay in order to get ahead which is what she is doing she needs to learn there is more to life than just being a gay person who thinks she is above everyone and everything else.

  29. She should get married to kapperdick. Americans do not need her ilk.

    • Hell NO !!!! They may somehow have kids. What a disaster that would be for the future. Oh, I just remembered that she/it does not like men so maybe no problem with having kids. Can you imagine her/it being a mother to some innocent baby ?

  30. If she will not abide by the Olympic committee rules she should be banned from the games permanently.

  31. Ugly is not the word, now I know the Neanderthals did not perish.
    should move out of the good old US of A.

  32. Kick her out. She does not represent the USA. America does not need this kind of human being to represent USA. She is a disgrace and should be deported to her country.

  33. If the IOC doesn’t enforce its own rules then I will not be donating to that institution in the future. Hit them in the pocket book. where it hurts…..

  34. due to this demented bitch… I hate to admit that I live in Redding, CA… the alleged home of this obnoxious bitch!! There are a lot of good athletics that have been raised in Redding, but this is not one of them….she is a discredit to anything on which she places her name….. If she does not comply with the rules of the game…. then kick her obnoxious ass off the team and assure her that she will not, ever again play “on her field of dreams”!!! She surely does NOT represent the USA!!! and is a poor representation of the game of soccer!!!! I only wish that she would claim some where else to call her home of record….. and save the embarrassment of all the great Reddingites…. Thanx….. rich — IN GOD WE TRUST

  35. Then why is she allowed to be on the team to begin with. The TEAM is there to represent the UNITED STATES, no matter what the hell she wants!

  36. If she doesn’t like the rules, as laid down by the IOC, she is NOT required to attend or participate. It’s supposed to be an HONOR not a chore. Perhaps she should just keep her silly self at home, and allow someone who actually cares about their country, their sport, and good sportsmanship (she obviously doesn’t as it does extend beyond the soccer field) go in her stead.

  37. As a Veteran (US NAVY) and a sports player (baseball, football, basketball and softball) and as a coach for youth basketball leagues, I always stress that “there is no I in team and no 1 Person is the team”. Everything from a tie, loss or win, is done as a team. Rules are adhered to or the person suffers the consequences, as well as the team. Send her away from the US team. Let her not have a podium or platform to spew forth her hateful and vile comments any more. She should have been let go a long time ago

  38. Get rid of this dumb bitch.

  39. She is a piece of shit

  40. Rapinhoe, needs to be dropped from the team NOW, she will not comply, she is NOT worthy of representing my country, she is NOTHING but a spoiled DYKE, we know that even if she says she will comply, IF they make it to the podium, she will defy the Olympic Games and make her gestures. Get rid of her NOW before the games.


  42. Here’s the truth, if she hates America so much, we don’t want her or her teammates representing OUR country and OUR people in the Games. She is NOT one of us. She is not OUR representative.

  43. kick her off the team. She does not support the USA.

  44. Rapinoe is a disgrace and ruined the soccer championship for most Americans by being a complete loud mouth moron with her foul language and manner. Good luck trying to get away with that in Japan. They will shut down the whole team once Rapinoe gets started. The teams best bet would be to keep her out of the country. Most Americans would rather not have her on the team.

  45. Let her “do her thing”. She knows what the IOC has in store for her so let the chips fall where they may. Not everyone can be a good soccer player. Not every player can be a mediocre soccer player. Only once in awhile, a great player comes along. It’s a lot like being an American. You have your great Americans, our veterans top that list. You have your good Americans. You have your wishy washy Americans or the “fence riders” and you have some bad Americans, the ones who do things that make great and good Americans mistrust, loath or even hate that person. Maybe going so far as to hate for them to be called Americans.

    Why would anyone want to represent a country and then turn around and disrespect that country? The IOC allowed it to happen the last time, let’s see if they are truly honorable should a similar thing occur like in the last Olympics. I love this country, our flag, our beloved Constitution and just about everything that goes with it. Disrespecting it is not something I would avail myself to. Rapinoe not only represents her country but her family name, as well.

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