Sanders Takes an Anti-Warren Approach

So much for the friendliness that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren promised each other. Being lifelong friends, they swore that they would not knock each other throughout their campaigns. However, Sanders has decided to forego that entirely to make sure that he gets the nomination instead of his liberal friend.

The Sanders camp has already admitted that they have deployed an anti-Warren script within many of the early voting states, including Iowa and New Hampshire.

Although Sanders initially denied that the campaign as taking an anti-Warren approach, there were several campaign officials to confirm that the talking points were given to teams. These were the points to use when canvassing for votes – and both volunteers and staffers for the campaign have been using them.

The script certainly doesn’t paint Elizabeth Warren in a good light. It talks about how Warren only appeals to those that are highly educated and financially well off. There’s also talk about how Sanders is more capable of beating Donald Trump than Warren as well as Buttigieg and Biden.

Sanders has tried to blame some of the Warren smear campaign on rogue employees. He said that with a staff of over 100, sometimes people say things that they shouldn’t. An official from the Sanders campaign said that the script was pulled not because it was talking bad about Warren but because “it was sloppily worded.”

One of the reasons why there’s a significant amount of importance on electability is that is where most Dem voters are concerned. They want to make sure to put their votes behind someone who is capable of beating Trump. Given how far to the left Sanders is, it’s highly unlikely that he would be able to beat Trump in the general elections, but he has to say what he has to say to his voters. These are also the same people who think socialism is a good idea, so rational thinking has already gone out of the window.

The volunteers were given all sorts of talking points, including how to deal with voters who said they were thinking of voting for a different candidate, such as Elizabeth Warren. That’s when they were told to say things like that she’s not bringing any new bases to the Democratic Party. Further, they were told that people who support her will vote Democratic no matter what.

As of Sunday, the Sanders campaign has said that they have approved a different script to give volunteers, reminding them that they need to get rid of the old one. An aide from Warren’s campaign has said that they appreciate the new talking points being delivered so that they can move on from the spat.

It’s no surprise that the Sanders and Warren campaigns would be dueling at some point. They’re both vying for a single nomination. Further, they’re both progressives who support Medicare for All and a number of other things that would send tax rates soaring sky-high, even though their followers don’t see it that way.

Warren has told reporters, however, that she’s disappointed that Bernie would send volunteers out to the early voter states to “trash me.” It also reminded her of what happened when Sanders was up against Hillary Clinton in 2016 as there were plenty of reports that he was running a smear campaign.

Warren reminds reporters and the rest of her party that Democrats have to be united. She doesn’t want to see any of the candidates tearing into each other since they all share the common goal of wanting to beat Trump in the general election. However, she is also quick to point out that she is the best candidate as she feels she can unite the liberal and moderate wings of the Democratic Party.

Sanders has come under fire on more than one occasion recently by taking an anti-Warren approach. He can say whatever he wants, but his actions speak very differently. He’s been accused of sexism for saying that a woman couldn’t beat Trump. He also blames Trump for “weaponizing” the media to do whatever he can in order to break the Democratic Party up.

Sanders isn’t taking the same approach as Warren. While Warren is looking to bring the party closer together, Sanders will say what he needs to say about any of the candidates to make himself look stronger. He’s also been planning on going after Biden harder since the former VP is still the frontrunner for most of the national polls.

With the Sanders campaign choosing to put on the gloves, Warren and the rest of the Democratic candidates better prepare for the worst.