Could Beto Land in the White House After All?

Beto O’Rourke crashed and burned in the Democratic race to become president. He took a very unusual approach to debates, speaking bad Spanish and even choosing to hold a beer in his hand when talking with constituents at various rallies. Of course, the gun activist was also known for using the f-bomb left and right.

Now, it appears that he may not be out of the running entirely. It’s possible that he could still be featured on bumper stickers and buttons, but not as the first name in the duo for the general election. There’s a Democratic frontrunner who has talked about choosing Beto as his running mate.

Joe Biden, the former VP, knows that it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of diversity to his ticket. As an old white male, he knows that he needs to have a stronger appeal and a larger platform than he currently does. As such, he’s decided that it couldn’t hurt to consider Beto O’Rourke or even Julian Castro as his running mate.

While Castro never really got his campaign to take off, Beto O’Rourke did. O’Rourke was loud, opinionated, and managed to get quite a following because he was young and told things like it was. As a Texan, he knew that there was no need to be quiet about the issues, so he was loud and proud of them all.

If Biden gets the Democratic National Committee nomination, he’s the one that goes into the general election against Trump/Pence. At that point, he will need to consider who is going to go on his ticket as a way to strengthen his chances. There are plenty of failed candidates on both sides that will identify that the running mate is just as important as the rest.

John McCain is a perfect example of how a VP candidate can hurt your elections. Had he chosen anyone other than Sarah Palin, he may have had a better chance of winning the elections against Obama. Had Hillary Clinton chose someone other than Tim Kaine of Virginia to run with her, she may have even beaten Trump.

As such, Biden has a big decision – as do all of the other Democratic candidates. If they get chosen to represent the Democratic Party on the ballot for the general election, they have to be careful as to who they chose to sit next to him. Somehow, Biden thinks that O’Rourke would be a good choice for him – and that’s good news for Republicans since that option for a VP is as unpredictable as they come, and even Dems are well aware of that.

Biden has had conversations with both Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro since they have dropped out of the race. While O’Rourke would likely jump at the opportunity since he burned his options of ever running in Texas ever again to the ground, Castro is a different story. Castro recently decided to throw his support behind Elizabeth Warren, so clearly he has a more progressive side that could be fatal to the US. It would also make many voters question just how moderate Biden is if he opts for a progressive VP.

During an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Biden said that he told both men to “stay engaged.” He feels that they’re both talented people. While that might be true, he may not want to use that talent as part of his ballot.

Biden has also said that he’d consider another one of his rivals that dropped out of the race – Kamala Harris.

However, these are people that he’s considering working with. Even if they don’t appear on the ballot as his VP, he would consider giving cabinet positions to them. He even said that he would give Harris “anything” that she might be interested in.

With Biden talking to reporters about running mates and cabinet positions, it’s clear that he believes he is still the frontrunner for the Democratic Party. While the national polls still show that he has the lead, there are still many months before the votes are cast. How he performs in Iowa and a few of the other early voting states will be very telling to show what Democrats are leaning toward.

If the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses show Biden taking the lead, he may be more likely to have to battle Buttigieg to get the nomination as it will show that American democrats want a moderate candidate. Then again, Biden could be out in no time if the progressive candidates get the vote.


Biden’s picking Beto?

The Outspoken Texan Gets a Chance

Joe Biden’s so confident about his positioning in the polls that he’s already talking to potential candidates about being his VP. At the top of his list is Beto O’Rourke along with a few others.

While it’s understandable that Biden needs diversity, adding O’Rourke could be devastating to his cause. If he doesn’t make it as VP, Biden is talking cabinet positions if he beats Trump. That said, Beto isn’t likely to see the White House because Biden would have to beat Trump, and that’s highly unlikely.

Read on to find out more about who Biden would consider choosing for the VP spot on the ballot.