If You Can’t Win Them Over, Silence Them! Biden Wages War on Free Speech

While no one seems to know what Biden’s plans will be if he is elected President, one thing is clear. He is not someone who is going to be supportive of Mark Zuckerberg or the Facebook platform. Biden has gotten sick of seeing all of the negative commentaries that focuses on him.

Instead of cleaning up his act, he is trying to silence the rest of the world. This does not make sense to us but who are we to question the motives of good old “Uncle Joe”? In order to make sure that he does not have to read any commentary about him that is not to his liking, he is ready to take strong steps.

It all starts by repealing section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This law was put into place to keep media platforms protected from the sort of bullying that Biden wants to engage in. There is no way to describe this in a kind and flattering way. Biden wants to go to war against free speech and no one should be sitting idly by.

When Biden was asked directly about the Facebook ads that he is targeted, his comments were more than a little disconcerting. He thinks Mark Zuckerberg is “a real problem”. The law that Biden is looking to eliminate is known as the First Amendment for those who seek a safe space online to offer their opinions.

Otherwise, the President can control a narrative in any manner that they see fit. It is interesting to see so many people turning a blind eye or ear to Biden’s comments when we are more than certain that the shoe would be on the other foot otherwise. Let Donald Trump make these sorts of comments and it would be front-page news for every possible media outlet.

However, the media does not play fair when it comes to Democrats. They can tug at the fabric of democracy and make outlandish comments all of the time but no one cares. In the world of the Democrat, there is always a good excuse to talk like this. They do not care about behaving in a manner that is morally sound or truly just.

The Democrat simply wants what they want, when they want it…without having to care about the thoughts and feelings of others. It must be nice, right? Online platforms should be held responsible for the third-party information that they are offering. This is a bridge too far for most of us to cross, though.

We are also not sure if the things that are posted on Facebook actually fall under First Amendment jurisdiction. There is no reason to believe that a President could ever repeal the laws that are on the books to protect social media users. Mark Zuckerberg never could have envisioned what his site would become but we are that he is worried about what could take place.

Facebook was accused of swinging the last election in favor of Donald Trump by providing false information. This is understandable but what role do people have to play in their own misunderstandings? The Internet is chock full of people who are looking to play victim when they are the ones who simply refuse to prepare themselves.

Instead of believing every last thing that you see on social media, it is time to do the necessary research. If people are not willing to do so, this places all of the power back into the hands of someone like Joe Biden. Biden is looking to create an environment wherein people are too nervous to say what they really feel. This is not a world that anyone should ever be looking to live in, if they can possibly help it.

The war on free speech is taking place on a regular basis and we wish that we could do something to stop it. That’s why it is important to share Biden’s chilling words with the rest of the world. Awareness must be raised about his presidential plans before it is too late. These comments are a major cause for concern regardless of party affiliation, don’t you agree?

We do not agree with Biden’s take on Facebook, as it absolves people of any sort of responsibility. We do not wish to live in a world where politicians tell us how to feel and actively work to control narratives that are not favorable to them. While the phrase “slippery slope” is overused, it definitely applies to this situation. Free speech must always remain protected, with zero exceptions.