Ditching the Baby in the Trash Can

The video shows a pile of toys near a dumpster in the city of Las Vegas. It was here that the body of a small baby was found. The child was thrown into the garbage like a piece of trash by a person that places no value on life. To discard a baby in such a manner is murder. The person that left the child in the trash is a piece of trash themselves.

The police or Las Vegas are investigating the crime of leaving the baby boy to die in the trash. There is no way to tell if the baby was alive or dead when it was placed there. The little boy is estimated to between the ages of six months to one year old. This little boy will never have the chance to grow up because its care was placed in the hands of people that had no value of life.

The lousy Democrats are to blame for the current view that people have on life. They have pushed so hard to remove all forms of religion from the classrooms across America to the point that there are no longer any values being taught to young people. To top everything off, they push down the throats of every student evolutionary ideology which tells people that they are no better than the surrounding bugs. They teach that it is the survival of the fittest.

As a result of the trashy education that is promoted by the Democrats, people grow up and live like they are animals. So, when a child dies it is just fine, in their thinking, to dispose of the corpse in the trash can. Something that they would do with a dead rat or squirrel. The survival of the fittest tells a person that if they are stronger than everyone else, then they can do whatever they want to them.

The educational system of America that is run by the stupid Democrats is pathetic in its attempt to teach the younger generations. The person that found the body and alerted the authorities did the right thing by getting help. The police showed up on the scene and it was then that the child was pronounced dead. The community that has been hurt by this heinous action came out and places flowers and all kinds of stuffed animals around where the baby was found.

The Las Vegas police are currently looking for the debauched human being that would do such a crime. They have analyzed a lot of video of the area looking for the person that did this action. They are also asking that parents count their kids to see if they are all there. As if parents would not have already done so. There is no reason why this baby had to die in this fashion.

Nevada is part of a group of states that allow parents to leave an infant at the local hospital, fire station and police station without any questions being asked. This law is part of the Safe Haven Law that states have set up intending to keep such actions for taking place. A person can bring their child into one of the safe centers and simply walk away. They do not have to answer any questions or fill out any paperwork.

When a political body pushes such dangerous teachings on its people the result is always bad. When a person does not value life the result is the baby’s in trash cans and murder of the innocent. The liberals and the Democrats believe that children can be murdered and then just tossed aside.

The Republicans and President Trump love life and value all forms of it. The value law and right enforcement of it. President Trump has changed the face of America with the hopes that the nation will once again lean to doing the right thing. To place a baby in a trash can and not give it a proper burial is the Democrat’s way of things.