Warren Plans to Fill Her Cabinet With Women and Non-Binary People

Elizabeth Warren may be committed to diversity and inclusion, but she doesn’t make a lot of sense when it comes to her pledges. She has recently announced that she wants to commit so heavily to diversity and inclusion that she will fill at least half of her cabinet with women and “non-binary people.”

While diversity is a good thing, there are not many “non-binary” individuals in the United States. It is a very small percentage, which means that, in order to properly fill her cabinet based on her campaign pledge, she would have to give people the position even though they aren’t qualified. Essentially, she cares more about diversity than she does qualifications, which poses a true problem.

The Massachusetts senator talked about building her cabinet and senior leadership team to reflect the “full diversity of America” if she gets elected.

The far-left leaning candidate has certainly identified who her target voters are. She’s more concerned about appealing to the transgender movement than to anyone who believes political positions should go to those who are knowledgeable in a particular area. This campaign promise could come back to bite her because of having to staff key positions with people who don’t have expertise.

Diversity has always been important to Warren, so much so that she has tried to claim that she’s a minority – Native American. That didn’t sit well with the Native Americans very well, and it’s not sitting well now with most Americans.

Warren had a spring team that consisted of 31 women and 20 men within her DC and Massachusetts Senate offices. Hiring more women in this regard was easy. However, now she’s promising to add “non binary” to the equation, which can be more complicated since there is such a small pool to pull from.

Warren has been very proud of her office holding top leadership roles filled by women, some of which were of color. According to Forbes, four out of eight roles are filled by women within Warren’s campaign. Additionally, seven of the nine leaders are female and 18 of the 22 mobilizing members are women. This almost takes diversity to the other end of the spectrum because of being almost completely woman-run.

It’s understandable that she doesn’t want her campaign completely outnumbered by men. However, what if there was a man who was dedicated to seeing Elizabeth Warren become president? What if he was the most qualified individual for her cabinet? It appears as though Warren would simply overlook him to go with a less-qualified woman – and that’s going against everything that she has to say about diversity, simply to prove a point.

How are Warren’s staffers breaking down in terms of being nonbinary in their gender? Well, that isn’t being shared at the moment – and it’s likely because Warren doesn’t have anyone. Why? Well, there aren’t that many, to begin with. They may also have no desire to be a part of her campaign because they will only be exploited to state that they are nonbinary in a “look at me” kind of way so that Warren can show that she’s sympathetic to the transgender movement.

What Warren is currently doing is taking the idea of making campaign promises to a whole new level. Dems are certainly familiar with making promises that they can’t keep. What Warren is doing, however, is ensuring that she’s going to have a diverse cabinet regardless of whether they make sense for the position or not.

She might as well update her campaign marketing. A vote for Warren is a vote to make sure that the Secretary of Agriculture is a woman or nonbinary, even if they’ve never stepped foot on a farm. That should go over well with the Iowa caucus. Or, perhaps, she can choose a nonbinary for the Secretary of Defense since that is such a hot point within the military right now.

While it was never likely that Warren would be the candidate that the Democratic Party would choose to go up against Trump, this new campaign promise may be the final nail in her coffin. It’s one thing to identify specific individuals she would like to see in her cabinet. It’s another to make a blanket statement of choosing genders (and the lack of genders) without even considering their credentials. It’s yet another empty promise that’s been made that, should she ever manage into the Oval Office, will come back to haunt her.