What Is Schiff up to Now?

While all of the Dems in the House seem to be shady, Adam Schiff is taking it to new heights. First, he wanted to keep the identity of the whistleblower all to himself. Then, he wanted to call all of the shots for how the impeachment proceedings went down. Now that the power has moved to the Senate, the trial is still being manipulated by Shifty Schiff.

Schiff is now being accused of hiding “potentially exculpatory” evidence from Trump’s legal team.

The Democrats are concealing the testimony of a witness that was questioned by the House when they were investigating the Ukraine matter. They’re also refusing to disclose the testimony that belongs to Michael Atkinson, the inspector general from an intelligence agency that has firsthand knowledge of the whistleblower complaint origins – you know, the complaint that led to Trump’s impeachment.

Why not release the testimony?

At least one Republican who was at the testimony of Atkinson says that the House Dems don’t want to share the info is because it does not advance the case that House Intelligence Committee Chairman has against Trump.

Representative John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) says that it’s not helpful to Schiff or the whistleblower. It raises credibility issues with both of them more than anything else – and that’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

The Washington Times is also quick to say that this kind of evidence could be exculpatory for the president. After all, if the whistleblower wasn’t credible, the entire impeachment proceeding goes up in smoke.

The Republicans want the Atkinson testimony to be a part of the Senate trial record. It talks about Schiff, his staff, and the contacts he had with the whistleblower. Those are “material facts” that need to be discussed, yet Schiff is preventing that, according to Ratcliffe. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is in agreement. The transcript needs to be released to the Senate for purposes of the impeachment trial.

What is included in that testimony that Schiff doesn’t want the Republicans to see? If he’s holding it that close to his chest, it must be something bad enough that he doesn’t want to let go. It’s the same reason that Pelosi held onto the articles for so long. They don’t really have enough on Trump, so they’re trying to dust everything they can under the rug – and it’s not working.

Schiff has already been identified as someone that multiple GOP senators want to see as a witness in the impeachment trial. Although Schiff may be leading the prosecution within the trial, he might also have to testify because there are too many things that he has said and done that simply don’t add up.

What the House originally accused Trump of is not what the articles of impeachment read. They accused him of bribery and quid pro quo. However, they didn’t have enough evidence to pin those charges on him. Schiff even created a whistleblower complaint that helped to keep the impeachment proceedings moving forward, most likely so that they could find more dirt or come up with more charges to pin on Trump.

The impeachment has been a joke from the beginning. However, Schiff is starting to act a bit guiltier. What’s the big deal of sharing a witness testimony from the House proceedings? That would certainly be a necessary piece of the puzzle for the Senate to look at in order to conduct the trial. Oh, but wait, that’s not going to help the House Dems win their case, so they’re going to fight about not having to hand it over.

Schiff is on a losing battle. While he might think that he has the power to withhold critical information, there are too many people wondering what kinds of games he’s playing. He’s been playing them for too long and the GOP is simply fed up with it all. Before this is all over, Schiff may be requested to step down from his position as a Representative. That, or he may come up on charges of his own – tampering with evidence, contempt of court, lying under oath, and the list goes on and on.

The Trump lawyers are going to fight to see everything that the Democrats used to determine that the president did anything impeachable. If there’s testimony that could lead to getting Trump out of this mess once and for all, they’ll get their hands on it. Then, the shadiness of the Dems will be illuminated for all to see. At that point, there’s no way that a Dem can win the general election, which is what Schiff and Pelosi have been terrified about from the very beginning.


Was Schiff hiding key information?

Well, Of Course He Was!

Shifty Schiff seems to be getting shiftier with each passing moment. It seems Schiff wants to keep anything that could actually help Trump to himself. It’s why the GOP is looking to call Schiff as a witness in the impeachment trial.

A new report has shown that there was evidence hidden from Trump’s lawyers. The lawyers want to see everything. Since it can’t be trusted that Schiff has provided everything, it seems that the trial may be at a standstill.

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