Biden’s Brother Is as Shady as He Is

It seems as if the entire Biden family believes that they are entitled to run shady business deals all because of their last name. As if Joe Biden being a Senator wasn’t enough to entitle the family to privilege, serving VP certainly helped. Since then, the Biden name has made it possible to open all sorts of doors to make money under the table and participate in deals that make the average American question integrity.

James Biden is the shady brother in question. Recently, news has reported that a lobbyist bought a tropical island from him in the Virgin Islands.

In 2005, James Biden bought an acre of land for $150,000 on a remote island with amazing views of the ocean. This parcel was divided into three, leading a lobbyist to buy one of the parcels a year later. The cost of a single parcel was close to what Biden paid for the entire property.

That sounds like a good real estate deal. However, it starts to get a little shady when looking at what happened next. The lobbyist gave James a mortgage loan on the remaining parcels.

The land deal shows that there are some interesting financial deals that have gone on as a result of having a former VP as a relative. Had Joe Biden not been the VP, a lobbyist likely wouldn’t have been doing business with his brother.

How did the lobbyist know Joe Biden? This may be the best part of the whole story. One of Biden’s own staff members from his days of being in the Senate left in the early 90s. He became a lobbyist. Prior to the land transaction (and even after), many of his clients reaped benefits from Biden’s support along with appropriations requests. That seems like a nice, cozy deal that Biden and the lobbyist had established.

Following the land deal, Biden has vacationed on the tiny island on multiple occasions, though not at the parcel purchased by his brother and, then, the lobbyist.

The property has remained undeveloped and vacant. It’s unclear as to why the lobbyist, Scott Green, purchased the parcel from James Biden. It’s also unclear as to why James chose to go to the lobbyist for a loan instead of working with a bank.

James Biden did get an easement on the land so that it was granted road access. This could have made the land more valuable prior to selling it to Green, though probably not the dramatically higher price that was actually paid. This leaves a lot of questions unanswered about what kind of relationship was in place between James Biden and the lobbyist. It’s also unclear as to whether the former VP was aware of the various transactions taking place between his brother and his favorite lobbyist.

Green has continued to lobby on a number of issues where Biden has shown influence. Further, Green continues to meet a significant amount of the former VP’s staff.

Not surprisingly, Joe Biden’s campaign has declined to comment on all of this. They’ve had enough bad press for a lifetime of campaigns, especially with Biden’s son not only being in cahoots with a Ukrainian company but also knocking up a stripper at a gentlemen’s club and, then, nearly refusing to pay child support.

James Biden’s lawyer has also not commented about all that’s been taking place about the real estate deals.

James Biden took a more entrepreneurial approach to life, allowing Joe to be the only politician. James did serve as finance chairman for his older brother’s Senate campaign in 1972. Then, he tried to launch a lobbying firm but was cut short when his partners were convicted of bribing a judge. He has quite the colorful past of being accused of exploiting his brother’s clout for financial gain – and even decades later, he’s still making those same mistakes.

Joe Biden really should have had a conversation with his family about how they should use his name and the clout that his name carries. It seems that his greedy and somewhat shady family members are single-handedly ruining his chances at the presidency because they can’t stay away from financial deals that have people questioning whether they’re actually legal or not.

One thing is for sure – James Biden has certainly profited impressively as a result of his name being Biden. He should probably thank his brother for holding the VP position so that he could earn a few extra million. The lobbyist is likely ensuring that his pockets are very well lined thanks to some shady real estate deals.