Florida Senator Takes Crack at Biden

Some politicians come out swinging, and that’s what Rick Scott has done. The former governor and current senator of Florida has already expressed interest in running for president in 2024. In the meantime, he has purchased some ads that take a crack at Joe Biden as well as the impeachment trial.

The Republican has managed to get involved in the Democratic presidential primary by launching an ad in Iowa that trashes the former VP as well as the impeachment trial. All of this is just in time for the state caucuses in Iowa.

The reality is that the ad campaign isn’t just about the 2020 presidential race or the Iowa caucuses. Scott is simply getting ready for the 2024 presidential race. He’s letting America know that he’s got his eye on the White House.

A GOP consultant, David Johnson, said that spending $19,000 in ads in Des Moines is definitely Scott’s way of “putting a toe in 2024.” Scott has the reputation for putting in a toe, then a foot, and then the whole leg.

The political advisers behind Scott have chosen not to comment. Instead, they’re allowing the 30-second TV commercial along with the 2-minute digital spot speak for itself.

Rick Scott, who is independently wealthy, was an outsider businessman who entered politics a few years back. He spent close to $150 million of his own money in order to win the races for both governor and US Senator. When he took office in 2011, he launched an ad campaign to talk about legislative priorities – and this was a technique he continued through both of his terms. Then, he defeated Senator Bill Nelson in 2018, dropping $64 million in the process to get the job done.

As one Republican consultant commented about the ad campaign launched in Iowa is “that sound you hear” is the “starting gun” for Rick Scott’s 2024 presidential campaign. With the Republican Party being the Trump party at the moment, he wants the country to know that he is a “member in good standing.”

Although Scott’s spokesman, Chris Hartline, denies that the ad has any bearing on future presidential campaigns, it would only make sense. Senators don’t typically buy ads in states where they’re not representing simply to rip into a political candidate from the other side. The message certainly needs to be sent out, though, and Scott is happy to be the one to do it.

Hartline did say that the reason the ad is earing there is that it’s where it will be heard the loudest. He followed that comment up by saying if someone wants to give him the money, they’ll run the ad in New Hampshire as well.

Many have said that Scott has become increasingly convinced that he could have a successful presidential run following the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Scott has had three successful elections within the biggest swing state in the nation.

Scott has been comparing his bio to Trump. Trump also annihilated Senator Marco Rubio in the Florida presidential primary – a future colleague for Scott. While many expect Rubio to run again in 2024, he has been relatively silent over the impeachment in comparison to Scott.

There is the belief in many circles that Biden could beat Trump in the general election. This means that Republicans need to fight to bring Biden down before he has the opportunity to make it into the general election. Since it seemed as though someone other than Trump wasn’t going to take that swing, Scott has accepted the offer to do so – and he’s taking quite a big crack at the former VP to show the country that he’s not a good candidate.

Scott’s ad buy is one of the most targeted attacks on Biden from any Republican. The digital ad talks about being subjected to “cruel and unusual punishment” because of having to listen to Schiff rant and rave through the impeachment proceedings. He also identifies Schiff as someone from a parallel universe since the man thinks that he can get away with absolutely anything, though he wants to hold Trump accountable for absolutely everything.

Scott has been extremely vocal about the impeachment trial and has also vowed to call Biden to testify if witnesses are going to be called.

The ad is certainly not holding anything back. With a Republican taking aim at Biden, it will be interesting to see how it will affect the Iowa caucuses. It could, indeed, be the best way for a Republican to shotgun themselves to national attention way ahead of the 2024 presidential primaries.