Democrats Are Removing the Homeless From Oakland Park

The state of California is under enough stress having the demonic Democrats running the government. They have inflicted so many people with their stupid ideas of cutting power to combat fires and the need for higher taxes that people are slipping into a homeless lifestyle because they can no longer afford the ways of the Democrats. Many people are praying for a major change in the leadership of the state.

The homeless in California has been the topic of discussion for many months. People are alarmed at the number of homeless shacking up in the streets of the major cities. The cries for help have fallen on the deaf ears of the Democrats. And now it seems that they are going to push them under the rug and forget that they were ever there.

The Democrats are looking to remove a homeless group of people from an Oakland Home Depot because they are living on the street. There is an estimate of 40 to 100 people living in the tents that have been erected in the camp. For many of the people that have stayed put there, it has become their only home.

These are people that have been abandoned by the Democrats and left to find their own way of providing shelter. But like every good socialist Democrat they must go and take their homes away. Instead of helping the homeless find permanent shelter the devious Democrats offer them temporary shelter for the night.

The people that have lost their homes have moved their families into campers and tents. They simply are looking for a place to park them, so they can start to get back on their feet. But the Democrats keep coming in and taking everything that these people have. They are never given the chance to make a new start in life because they are kept on the move. They are forcefully removed from areas simply because they are seen as a burden.

One manager of the city’s community housing services is named Lara Tannenbaum. She has stated that “The conditions [at the encampment] are really not healthy or safe for anybody.” But in a derogatory fashion, she also stated that the RV site “seemed like a good fit for a good number of those folks.” She is acting like they have the plague. There just does not seem to be any compassion or will to help the homeless people.

The homeless population does bring a level of crime with it. This is why the Home Depot has been paying the police to monitor the area while the homeless are there. But instead of helping the people the Democrats want to shove their problem off on other people. They would rather shift them to another part of the city than actually help someone other than themselves do better with their lives.

The problem is already affecting businesses. One city official noted that “We’ve been trying to work with Home Depot for a number of months, make sure their property is safe. This is a real serious issue, and I think you already have enough businesses that have left Oakland.” The Democrats that run the state really need to look past their selfish desires and see that there are people that need help.

One resident of the camp is Markaya Spikes, and she has stated that “There are really no options available for anybody like me in my situation, period. It’s not just that I have a tiny home. I have dogs and I have a kid.” So not only are there adults but kids are living in the homeless tents.

Instead of moving the people it would have been better for everyone to receive more permanent help. The Democrats in California just simply refuse to consider other options that would alleviate the pain and agony that the homeless are going through. The Democrat flat out just do not want to spend what they see as their money, to help others. They are the most selfish group of people living in the United States today.