MSNBC Contributor Loses It Live on TV About Trump

Democrats who claim to be never-Trumpers tend to be a bit dramatic when it comes to talking about the impeachment trials and how they don’t want to see him acquitted. However, most of them don’t succumb to hysteria, especially when it’s in the middle of their shift at work.

Dr. Jason Johnson, an MSNBC contributor, decided to let his worst fears about Trump spin out of control when he spoke.

Instead of simply talking about the basics of the impeachment trial, he decided to share what he thinks is going to happen if Trump is acquitted.

Apparently, Trump isn’t going to resume the job that he did before the impeachment took place. Johnson doesn’t think Trump will be capable of focusing on the economy and foreign affairs. Rather, Trump is going to go mad with power and do whatever he wants with no regard for laws or ethics.

Johnson shared that he feels that Trump is going to shut down the voting in California during the presidential election. This way, illegal immigrants won’t be able to take part in voting for the next president. He’s already heard a conspiracy theory of such.

Johnson has insisted that it will happen and that they’re not “talking hypotheticals anymore.” Yet, they are. He has been pleading with Senators to make sure that President Trump is convicted.

Johnson completely loses his composure during the interview with MSNBC to say that the president is going to say that a state’s votes don’t count and that the people of California don’t have the right to vote.

There’s absolutely no proof that any of this would happen. It’s a conspiracy theory that he heard that he has allowed himself to believe to the point that he’s almost losing his mind with the mere thought of it coming true.

Trump doesn’t have any intention of shutting down voting in the state of California. Although most of the state will vote for a Democrat, it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t have that kind of power as president. Further, the Electoral College will ensure that the voting is fair. He may not win the popular vote but the president is chosen based on what the Electoral College decides, as it was proven in 2016 when Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but couldn’t secure the win through the Electoral College.

Perhaps the bigger issue that Johnson needs to decide is why he wants to allow illegal residents to vote in the election. Those who are in the country illegally because they didn’t want to wait for a visa to be issued to them appropriately through the immigration system shouldn’t have the right to vote. They shouldn’t have the right to be here at all. However, it’s impossible to close the entire state’s voting rights down because of the large number of illegals – and Trump knows it just as any Republican does.

Trump has already proven that he follows the rules. He’s been president for three years and hasn’t done anything out of constitutional authority. It means that Johnson’s fears are completely unfounded – and shows that he may have allowed the progressive left to shake him to the core of just how bad it would be if Trump is not only acquitted but goes on to win in 2020.

That may be where the real fear lies. Dems aren’t concerned about Trump being acquitted. If he was about to serve the end of his second term, they wouldn’t be in such a panic. The fact that he’s about to be acquitted and can go on to win a second term is what has them so nervous. They know that they don’t have a Democratic candidate capable of beating Trump in the general elections.

The unhinged fear mongering that Jason Johnson exhibited on MSNBC was simply unacceptable. It shows that the Dems have lost their ever-loving minds once and for all. They’re incapable of rational thinking because they’ve been led to believe that Trump is the worst possible person to have in the White House.

They’re in for a rude awakening when they find that not only is Trump going to be acquitted but that he’ll likely be in the White House for another four years. Johnson should breathe a sigh of relief, however, because there’s not going to be any rogue president shutting down the polls in California. Immigration laws still apply, however, and those who are there illegally cannot and should not be at the polling stations during the election period.