Is Steyer Delusional? He Thinks of Himself as “Not-Wealthy”

Tom Steyer might be one of the most delusional people that is currently walking the planet. Can you believe that this mega rich man likes to consider himself “not wealthy”? How on Earth has he been able to convince himself of such a blatant lie?

Better yet, how has this man not been told otherwise by anyone else with sanity and a pulse? We know that these questions have some obvious answers but these answers seem to be eluding Steyer up to this point. We understand how a billionaire could decide to be humble but this is way too much.

Steyer does not come from a rich family, which has allowed him to continue to delude himself. His mother was a working woman, toiling in the public school system of New York during his childhood. He boasted about his mother’s humble beginnings during one of his most recent campaign stops.

He told an Iowa crowd that his mother hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, as if that makes any sort of meaningful difference. It gets tiring to watch billionaires attempt to pretend that they are down with the common man. This is one of the most egregious attempts that we have seen.

Steyer does not care about the needs of the average working person. He’s simply looking to line his pockets even further by peddling the faux humble routine to anyone who is dumb enough to listen to it. Don’t make that mistake. Anyone who takes in this spiel without a healthy dose of cynicism needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror first.

Steyer went on to talk about his uncle as well. According to him, his uncle Sam spent 45 years working in the secondary school system. He was a law professor at the University of Iowa. It’s easy to see why he thought that these stories would appeal to the crowd. It’s Politics 101 but that does not mean that we have to blindly accept this sort of nonsense.

Steyer’s “humble background” has blessed with the type of wealth that has allowed him to pour nearly $140 million into a presidential campaign. That does not sound too poor to us. We wish that we had the sort of “not wealth” that enabled us to set tens of millions of dollars on fire. It’s not like he has a serious chance of winning.

He’s simply wasting his time and ours with these lies. He can’t even match the contributions that Michael Bloomberg has made to his own campaign. Can you believe that the former New York City mayor has managed to spend over a quarter of a billion dollars on his campaign? It is hard to fathom the amount of money that these men are wasting.

This is not the first time Steyer has throw caution to the wind. He’s backed unsuccessful campaigns in the past. During the 2016 election cycle, he spent over $80 million in hopes of assisting the Democrats. Of course, this was a losing bid and we are stunned to see him going back to the same well like this.

For someone who earned billions, he sure is unclear about his actual place in the world. This man even referred to himself as a David-type figure. Yes, THAT David. Only in America can a billionaire decide to position themselves as a David against various Goliath types. It takes a special level of delusion to behave in such a way and hopefully, no one is dumb enough to support Steyer.

When Steyer’s campaign was asked for comment, they were not willing to offer any. It is pretty hard to defend this sort of commentary. In a world where it can feel like politicians are not able to tell us the truth about anything, it is tough to be lied to in such a manner.

What does Steyer have to gain by pretending that he is a man of the people? Would it kill one of these rich fat cats to be honest about who they are and what their station in life is? There is nothing wrong with being honest. The people of the United States would probably be ready to get behind a billionaire candidate that was 100 percent honest about what they can offer.

After all, candidates from advantaged backgrounds have been elected to the highest positions before. It is not uncharted territory. In the meantime, let’s all do our part to avoid these types of charlatans when they are on the campaign trail. They are only out for themselves and nobody else.