Trump Is Laughing: “Dems Can’t Even Count”

Caucuses are supposed to serve as a representation of a working democracy. The Democratic party has often struggled to carry out simple tasks like this one and this year is no different. This is no big surprise. After all, the party is leaning further and further to the left every day.

It won’t be long before the party has become full blown socialist. This election cycle is exposing the party’s weaknesses. We just didn’t think that simple mathematics were among them. They cannot handle any civic duties these days and from the looks of it, the outside world is just about tired of it.

The Iowa Democrats have already managed to embarrass themselves in ways that no one ever thought possible. It’s only the first caucus and problems are already arising. Meanwhile, the Republicans of Iowa did not experience the same sort of trouble. As it turns out, they are able to count just fine.

Donald Trump received 97 percent of the votes once they had been counted up. Of course, the party was ready to crow about these results. They were able to produce a sizable turnout for a non competitive election primary and their votes were counted without any sort of issue.

Trump himself was sure to join in the crowing, as is his way. It would not be Trump if he didn’t decide to poke fun at the Democrats for their various mishaps. The dunks came pouring in fast and furious once Republicans became aware of what was taking place. It is fair to wonder how these people are going to be able to overhaul the entire health care system.

How can they accomplish this challenging task when these simple tasks elude them? There is nothing wrong with asking the question, is there? Trump’s early morning tweet referred to the caucus as “an unmitigated disaster” but he was careful not to poke fun at Iowa themselves. He does not blame this state for what has taken place and rightfully so.

He called them the “Do Nothing Democrats” and proclaimed himself the big winner of the night. Sure, there are going to be takes about the ruthlessness of the Republicans but this is not their fault. We are sure that the Democrats would have responded with jokes and taunts if the shoe was on the other foot. They have no one to blame for this but themselves.

While Trump may have been willing to let Iowa off the hook, there are other political analysts who do not feel the same way. In fact, this caucus may be the last of its kind. The nation as a whole had been losing patience with Iowa and the role that they play in the process. Thanks to these untimely mistakes, this could be the last straw.

David Yepsen is a well known columnist who used to write for the Des Moines Register. In his opinion, this caucus is the one that is going to “cook Iowa’s goose”. There are many who believe that this should be the end of presidential caucuses as a whole, instead of just Iowa. It is high time for the whole system to be re-evaluated.

No matter who you wish to blame, these types of fiascoes look bad for American politics as a whole. There is no reason for miscounts to be taking place in 2020. We have access to all of the necessary technology and we need to be putting it to good use. The days of experiencing miscounts and other issues of this nature during the primaries should be long behind us.

The worst part about these primaries is that they do not even produce an accurate representation of where the state electorate stands on these issues. The process is murky and ultimately useless. We should all be spending our time on anything else but until the necessary changes are made, that is a pipe dream.

The American voter needs to be willing to make tough decisions. If we need to overhaul the current system so that issues like last night’s are avoided entirely, that is the step that we should all be willing to take. There is nothing wrong with keeping current systems in place but not when they lead to these types of problems.

Trump is laughing at the Democrats yet again and we cannot say that he is wrong to do so. That is the type of criticism that you invite when you are not willing to do things the right way. This is certainly something that we all should be able to agree on.