Democrats in Panic: Sanders Is Leading the Pack

The increased popularity of Bernie Sanders is causing a great deal of panic for Democrats. While these fears are not entirely unfounded, most political pundits have been keeping these feelings to themselves. James Carville is not your average talking head, though. He is sounding the alarm bells louder than ever and he is doing so on national television.

He offered some commentary during a recent MSNBC appearance. From the looks of it, he is saying what a lot of Democrats are already thinking. He wanted to know why Tom Perez is still allowed to remain in charge of the DNC. Carville also spoke out about the polling averages that he has been seeing. These polls show that the level of Democratic enthusiasm is not as high as anyone would like.

The party is inspiring a sizable amount of apathy from core voters, that is for sure. He has no idea why Perez is still allowed to serve as a Democratic National Committee chairman in this type of climate. It is a good question, for sure. We are sure that there are many on the left side of the aisle who are looking for answers in this regard.

Carville says that he knows the donors who are most likely to contribute to the party and in his estimation? They are not even going to offer a “Popsicle”! This is a pretty stark picture that Mr. Carville is painting. He sees the mistakes that were made by the British Labour Party and believes that the Democrats are in the process of walking down the same exact road.

He does not like the idea of people being able to vote from prison and the idea of abolishing borders does not appeal to him either. It is good to hear these ideas being presented in a way that should make sense to the left. We are sure that they will find a way to come after Carville for these remarks and call him a racist, though.

It is what the left does best. Presenting ideas that go against their own? You are a racist and there is nothing that you can say or do to shake that perception. He says that he would vote for Sanders but he does not sound too happy about that. It sounds like he has simply resigned himself to this fate because there is no other choice coming down the road.

He praised the campaign that the party ran in 2018 and pointed out to the large voter turnout. As long as the party is being given good candidates and good talking points, the voters will come. He sees a dearth of good ideas in the 2020 candidates, though. Carville is self aware, as well.

He knows that he is 75 years old and there are people who are going to wonder why he is sticking his neck out like this. His reasons for doing so are pure, though. He is scared of where the party is going. In Carville’s mind, the party is on the verge of turning into an ideological cult.

Is that what the left wants? This is the direction that the party is taking and it needs to be reversed before it is too late. Sure, the promises being made by Sanders sound swell and AOC is causing the press to swoon. However, are either of these people going to serve as the leaders that Democrats truly need? It is hard to say yes to that question, especially for an experienced observer like James Carville.

To him, all the party has at the moment are some talking points and very little power to speak of. It is tough to argue with that assessment. People on both sides of the aisle have been saying this for some time now. Perhaps it will be more meaningful coming from someone with James Carville’s background?

If Bernie Sanders is elected, the left is going to have a day of reckoning that they did not expect. Sure, they would like to defeat Trump at all costs but what happens when the long term ramifications of this mindset start to reveal themselves? This is a tough aspect to consider.

In the meantime, the left needs to start taking a long, hard look in the mirror. Getting behind Bernie and AOC may feel like the best decision in the current climate. Are they going to provide the best long term results, though? This is something that remains to be seen and it is understandable for analysts like Carville to be skeptical.