Double Jeopardy! The Dems Are Ramping up for the Next Impeachment

It did not take long after President Trump’s acquittal before the Democrats started to look for more ways to impeach him. You would be forgiven for believing that they might take a more mature approach after this latest attempt failed so miserably. That is not how this party does things, however.

CNN’s The Lead is already on the case. This is par for the course for this news outlet. It’s the home of liberal spin and you know that they were not going to take this lying down. House Democrats want to drum up additional impeachment charges and CNN is more than happy to serve as their megaphone.

“Double jeopardy does not apply in politics,” John King proclaimed to the CNN panel. The chief national correspondent is talking this on live television and it is cause for concern. Why can’t the Democrats simply accept the outcome of this impeachment and move on with their lives?

Trump was just acquitted and they are already on another witch hunt. There are always going to be “new revelations” but what does it matter when none of them ever seem to stick? At a certain point, all of this behavior starts to seem a lot like sour grapes to us. The Democrats did not think things through the last time.

For starters, they sent the charges to the Senate before the initial investigation had even been completed. This is a bold step to take. It only looks more foolish in retrospect. King, on the other hand, seems to believe that the Democrats are in the right. He’s already laying out a whole new plan that is supposed to produce the desired results this time.

John Bolton is going to be receiving a subpoena. Nancy Pelosi will make sure of it. This doesn’t seem like the best idea from anyone’s vantage point. Even those who consider themselves to be on the left side of the aisle can point to various issues that this response will cause. Trump can easily tee off on Pelosi and company for this type of excessive behavior.

Do these people truly care about justice or is it about removing a candidate that they don’t like from the equation? It is hard to say that their motives are altruistic here. The American people are getting tired of these shenanigans. It shows in Trump’s rising approval ratings.

The senators who voted in favor of Trump have some things to consider. They could end up looking bad if new information comes out. It is far more risky for the Democratic side, though. If they pursue more impeachment charges, they essentially have to stick or they will be made to look even more foolish than they already have been.

In King’s words, the impeachment proceedings are only over for the moment and they are only going to continue in the future. Jake Tapper, the CNN host who was interviewing King at the time, agreed with his assessment. They both seem to think that there is something that the Democrats can dig up that will actually help their cause.

Hillary Clinton’s musings were even quoted during this diatribe. She believes that the Republicans who voted in favor of Trump are traitors who are betraying democracy. That is certainly rich coming from her, that is for sure. She has zero relevance within the party and yet her words are always treated with the utmost importance.

Everyone says that Trump is the one who can’t shut up about her, though. Near as we can tell, it seems to be the other way around. The commentators also took the time to whine about Trump’s decision to celebrate his acquittal by tweeting out a meme. This is simply what he does and it gets tiring to watch people read into it like this.

Despite the Democrats’ best efforts, he is going to finish his term. There is nothing that they can dig up that is going to change that. Their efforts would be better spent reaching across the aisle and working to soothe the damaged relationships that have been created with their asinine behavior. We all know that is never going to happen.

It is wishful thinking at best and willfully naive at first. When Trump wins again in November, they are simply going to spend the next four years emulating the same behaviors that got them in this mess in the first place. It’s the dictionary definition of insanity, they are going to keep doing the same things and expect different results. We wish them the very best of luck!