Hillary Calls out Bernie: It’s All Empty Promises

Bernie Sanders is a divisive figure within the Democratic party. It often seems as if no one within the party actually likes him. You certainly never hear Joe Biden say anything nice about Sanders. There are constant rumors about Barack Obama’s displeasure, too. Hillary Clinton is not one to be left out of the Bernie Sanders bashing, either.

Hillary will never pass up a chance to take a swipe at anyone and Sanders has been drawing her ire for some time now. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who is familiar with her handiwork. Trump wasn’t lying when he called her a nasty woman. Her venom has been spread far and wide ever since she came to prominence.

During a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Hillary decided to drop all pretense and tell everyone how she really feels about Bernie. The gloves are off now, that is for sure. You would think that she would be finished after completely shredding him in The Hollywood Reporter.

For those who are unfamiliar, this was the interview where she claimed that no one liked him and that only one senator was in his corner during his Congressional stint. The idea of her referring to someone else as a career politician is pretty hilarious but let’s give her a moment. We need to hear her out!

All jokes aside, her commentary on Ellen is no different from what is being said about him by other Democratic luminaries. Ellen gave her the chance to be more diplomatic during this appearance, though. She dialed back the rhetoric a bit but she still didn’t miss a chance to take a few subtle swipes at him.

If you know anything about Hillary, you are well aware of the fact that she simply cannot help herself. In her mind, she is not being mean to him. She just wants the Democrats to get behind a candidate that is able to deliver on the promises that they are making. The fact that she considers Bernie’s promises to be too big to come to fruition is telling.

The Democrats really think lowly of their base, don’t they? Not only do they want them to stay on government assistance forever but the idea of receiving any sort of medical assistance is apparently “asking for the moon”. To her, Bernie’s promises are just another example of the type of lying that breeds distrust among Americans.

We cannot believe that she is willing to talk like this about a fellow party member but then again, we are. This is what she does. If things do not revolve around Hillary, she has an uncanny knack for making sure that they do. She cannot handle being outside of the news cycle for even one second. Bernie’s seizing the day and she is left on the outside looking in.

While the Democrats and Republicans continue to fight over what affordable health care truly means to the American people, Hillary is letting us know what side she is on. The Trump administration is trying their best to find a happy medium and Sanders’ plans are a bit more extreme.

This is the sort of conversation that makes us think that Hillary is not all wrong. It’s a “right message, wrong messenger” type of thing. Sure, she might seem like she is trying her best to speak up for the American people but that does not mean that she is doing it for the most altruistic of reasons. She simply wants to stick a finger in Bernie’s eye and this is the best way to go about it.

Sanders wants to lead the nation even further to the left and she’s having none of it. The Democrats are a moderate party at heart. She embodies that agenda more than many of her supporters realize. Bernie could very well win the White House but with so many moderate Democrats to consider, that does not mean that he is actually going to get much of anything done.

Some may be worried about his ability to reach across the aisle but the true disputes are taking place within the Democratic party. Hillary’s motives may not be pure here but that does not mean that she is speaking out of turn. This is the rare occasion when those who are on the right can stand in agreement with her, even if the delivery is all wrong.

In the meantime, take a moment to check out the interview for yourself. The Bernie commentary begins about 15 minutes in. Take a moment to pass it along as well.