Good Job! NYC Mayor Admits Bail Reform Causes Spike in Crime

This recent admission from New York City mayor Bill de Blasio might not have received the national attention that it deserved but we are here to discuss it anyway. It is very interesting to us how the liberals were willing to gloss right over this one. However, it was not surprising.

New York City recently made news with its new bail reform policy. Criminal justice reform is a serious topic and should always be treated as such. Unfortunately, the New York City bail reform plan caused more problems than it solved. Ever since the new laws went into effect, the crime rates have continued to soar.

Rape and murder have remained at their previous levels but all other categories have experienced a spike. There are also rumblings about a recent murder that was committed on Long Island. It is believed that the new bail reform laws emboldened the perpetrator. de Blasio, for his part, has continued to claim that the laws are not responsible for any crime uptick.

He claimed that the laws would remain in place and all they needed were some minor adjustments. Finally, the pile of evidence to the contrary has forced him to admit to what we all knew all along. These reforms were never a good idea and were only going to lead to more crimes in the city of New York.

The state of New York should have never engaged in such a controversial overhaul of bail laws. It took de Blasio long enough but he has decided to stop dancing around the topic and face the criticism head-on. Better late than never, right?

For six years, crime had been decreasing across the board. There are no other new laws or changes to the environment to speak of. It is hard to point the finger in any other direction, to be quite honest. Anyone with a pulse could have probably made this connection a long time ago. You do not have to be some sort of super-smart political analyst, either.

The statistical jump stands out like a sore thumb. Of course, there are some who are going to argue about the idea of statistical variation but we are not among them. This type of willful naivete has no place in a conversation that has become this serious.

de Blasio still had to work some of his usual talking points, though. He wanted to make sure that we all knew that his selection process for judges had eliminated any and all bias. He is not going to be able to afford to abandon this particular point of emphasis. The bail reform laws were only passed in the first place because people of color were being disproportionately affected.

Bill went on to offer a bit more common sense once he got the grandstanding out of the way. He spoke about the need for judicial discretion and the role that nuance must play in these instances. There are certain people who are simply going to pose a major threat to their neighbors over and over again. No bail reform could ever possibly change that.

We doubt that the New York state legislature would be willing to scrap the bill entirely. That would mean that they would have to admit that they were wrong in the first place. The idea should not be written off entirely, either. There are plenty of cases where people have been left sitting in jail for years at a time under circumstances that were easily correctable.

These types of occurrences are always more likely to take place in the inner cities and minorities are affected more than their counterparts. The idea that someone should sit in jail over a minor crime for months at a time because they do not have $500 on hand is not one that we would ever agree with.

At the same time, there needs to be a certain level of nuance to these discussions. Hopefully, these cases are evaluated on a more singular basis in the future. There are minor crimes and then there are crimes that the proper punishment. Recreational drug use does not deserve a jail sentence but armed robbery does.

Let’s all start using our common sense here, people. There are crimes that we cannot collectively look the other way on. When these crimes take place, the law-abiding citizens of New York need to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the necessary punishment will be handed down. This train has to be stopped before any other innocent citizens are hurt.