California Is Banning Stays at Trump’s Hotels

The longer the state of California remains under Democratic rule, the more they are alienating themselves from the rest of America. The senseless Democrats hate President Trump so much that they are now considering a bill that would keep state employees from staying at any hotels owned by President Trump or his family members. Their actions are proving that they are not fit to serve the people of the United States.

Evan Low is the laughable Democrats to propose such a ludicrous bill. He is trying to hide his hatred for President Trump when he says, “Public officials, at any level, should not profit off the constituents that they were elected to serve and represent.” This is something that he should tell his fellow Democrats that amazingly become millionaires while they are in Congress.

What is true of one should be true of all lawmakers. He went to spout that “No branch of government is above the Constitution, and this legislation will ensure that California taxpayers are not further exploited by Donald Trump’s violations of the emoluments clause.” His words should ring true for all the corrupt and daft Democrats everywhere. The Democratic House certainly thinks they are above the Constitution. Especially as they try to control the Executive Branch.

Low was very careful to keep from putting names into the bill. But the wording of the bill makes it clear that it is referring to President Trump as he is the only has a popular hotel that people love to stay at. The bill would keep just about every state employee from staying at the president hotels.

The absurd Democrats must be grasping at straws. They cannot seem to beat the president in the courts or with fake accusations, so they are resorting to trying to keep people away from him. To ban a person from staying at a hotel just because the owner of the place is hated by another is insane.

The that Low is proposing states that “This bill would prohibit a state agency, as defined, from paying, reimbursing an employee, providing a per diem allowance, or contracting for the cost of lodging, procuring a good or service, or any other expense at a lodging establishment where the owner, as specified, is the President of the United States.”

Low has singled out one person that he hates to try to harm. If Low cared about such a matter, then he would have put language into the bill that forbids such actions to any lawmaker or public servant that owns a hotel. Even the bill seems to be misplaced as not a lot of state employees choose to stay in the president’s hotels in the first place.

The record shows that only one person has stayed in the hotel since 2016. There is no reason to waste time and money to pass a bill that does not mean anything but to prove hatred towards the president. Low is another example of the foolish behavior the Democrats have been involved with recently.

California also has a list of states that employees are not allowed to travel to for business. These states are on the list because they hate abortion and other crimes performed against the unborn. These actions taken by the new socialist state of California are just another proof that the Democrats want to control people’s lives. They are acting like communist nations that control what their people watch and what they are exposed to.

Xavier Becerra is the General Attorney for the state, and he has seen to it to put Texas, Alabama, South Dakota, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee on this list of banned states. The next thing the people in California will see is that they will be banned from watching broadcasts from other parts of the nation. The Democrats are blocking access to and influence from states that are controlled by Republicans. They do not want their people being exposed to conservative values that would essentially combat the absurd actions that they are running the state with.