Video: Todd Said What? Bernie’s Brownshirt Brigade” Is Terrorizing Dems Online

The political climate in this country has been overly contentious for some time now and it’s all finally coming to a head. The news about a van plowing into a group of Trump supporters was already disconcerting enough. Now, the Bernie Bros are making their presence felt and they are causing a great deal of discomfort.

Chuck Todd is the NBC political director who decided to place the blame on Trump supporters. When in doubt, blame team MAGA. That is the way it is always done. He decided to compare them to Nazi. This faulty comparison has been trotted out so many times, it has lost all meaning.

It didn’t stop Todd from comparing them to the nefarious Brownshirts that would congregate to watch Hitler speak. The cruel irony of Todd’s description is that he essentially stole it from Never-Trump Bulwark publication. This publication was actually using the comparison to talk about Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

We all know how ridiculous his supporters can be, don’t we? They have an insane amount of entitlement and genuinely believe that anyone who isn’t a Bernie stan isn’t as smart as they are. His online brigade probably doesn’t go outside very often but that does not stop them from harassing anyone who seems to have a different point of view.

It is not a healthy way to live but no one tell the Bernie Bros that. They are so sure of themselves. The question that needs to be raised here is a simple one. Does a presidency need an online mob to be truly successful? From the looks of it, bullying is the way that things are done. This is a sad statement but it is a very true one.

There’s no getting around the fact that Bernie fans behave like they’re in organized crime. They think that they can push people around and act like jerks, because they are serving the greater interests of America. This is fairly ironic coming from a group that clutches their pearls any time Trump voters act up in any way.

What’s good for the goose is always good for the gander. This is a lesson that they have yet to learn for themselves. At least Chuck Todd is on their side, though. Why offer fair and impartial reporting on anything when you can just take sides? Social media armies will simply harass anyone who disagrees with you.

That’s a good way to make sure that you never have to engage with anyone in an honest manner. At least the liberal panel on this show sees the nonsense. They were quick to chide the Bernie voter base and point out the deplorable mannerism that they have developed as a collective. Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post took note of the way that they went after Mayor Pete.

Buttigieg should be able to eat dinner without being harassed but this is how the left thinks. If you do or say anything that they disagree with, it is open season on you at any time. They have the nerve to call other people thugs, though. It is absolutely insane. At least there are some liberals who see through all of the lies that are being told in the media.

Dante Scala is a professor at the University of New Hampshire and he worries about what will happen at the Democratic National Convention if Bernie still has traction. If Bernie is perceived to be in the lead at that point, he thinks that he will force his way into the race. Even if he does not have a majority vote at this time, he could still try to barge in with a plurality. This is a very real concern that few have had the courage to voice.

There is nothing wrong with being vocal and supporting the candidate that you like best. That’s the nature of political discourse. However, that does not mean that you need to lose all sense of decorum and behave in a way that you would be ashamed of later. This is something that the Bernie fans have yet to grasp. It is understandable to want your candidate to win.

You do not have to behave as if it must happen at all costs, though. That is simply not how a democracy works. Hopefully, the upcoming election is able to take place without any more attacks from either side. No one deserves to live in fear because of the political candidate that they choose to support. That is not the America that we know and love.