Dems Salivate Over Buttigieg

If you were watching MSNBC on Tuesday night, you were treated to quite the show. We were starting to think that we had hit some sort of time warp and went back to 2008 again. The level of fawning that was taking place when it comes to Pete Buttigieg had us wondering if there was another Pete Buttigieg that we don’t know about.

Vaughn Hillyard is the reporter who was leading the charge. Can you believe Buttigieg was referred to as a perfect human being? Apparently, there are no changes that can be made for him, he’s already as wonderful as can be. That comes as a shock to the rest of us.

We thought that he was a normal politician with flaws just like anyone else. MSNBC seems to think differently. We haven’t seen this level of sucking up since the Obama era. We’re right back to the days where a politician giving a decent speech is treated as an amazing occurrence.

This is kind of silly and more than a bit condescending. Mayor Pete is being praised for “speaking in complete sentences”. We did not realize that the bar for the Democrats was this low. Wait until Pete decides to walk and chew gum at the same time. The commentators won’t know what to do with themselves. They might just pass out on the spot.

Hillyard believes that he is going to do well with the older voters because of his wonderful speaking abilities. Gee, you think that they might want to think about things like his voting record and what he can do for them if he is elected. No, they are going to be bowled over for all of the great speeches and forget everything else about him.

If Pete is such an amazing, perfect human being, let’s just end the race now. Everyone else can go home. We do not wish to see a candidate become a deity again but this is what the left does. They get behind a candidate and they decide that they are perfect in every way. That is not a healthy way to be but that is not going to stop them.

Heaven forbid they would be willing to engage with a candidate more honestly and consider their flaws, too. That’s what sane voters do. On the other hand, there are some who have already soured on the current Democratic field. Chris Matthews may have considered Obama to be God’s gift to mankind but he is less than enamored with the current field.

He compared the current Democratic candidates to drunkards that are in search of a ride home! It’s like there is no middle ground in these conversations. Either you are the great and wonderful Pete Buttigieg who is perfect in every way or you are a drunk that needs to be taken care of before you fall over backward.

Ali Vitali was not about to be outdone in the outlandish praise department. Unlike Hillyard, she has eyes for a different candidate. She is looking to offer praise for Elizabeth Warren. Since they have met a few times and had “warm” interactions, Vitali is already head over heels. That’s all these politicians have to do.

“People are looking at him, oftentimes you hear especially these older voters who he’s doing well with, is their son or the person they want their son or daughter to be friends with or date. I think that is the part that makes him so compelling to these people is he is that guy that everybody wanted their kids to be friends with at school.”

If they meet these political commentators and are relatively kind, they have a friend for life. That’s not how things should work but some people are easier to win over than others. We wish that these elections came down to the things that actually mattered, instead of becoming a glorified popularity contest.

All Mayor Pete has to do is promise everyone a pizza party and he’ll probably win going away. That’s how easy the process has become. If he butters the right muffins and is willing to play the game, no one will actually ask any serious questions about his past or the plans that he has for the nation’s future.

“Perfect.” “Amazing human being.” Who does this sound like? Why, Chris Matthews talking about Obama. In 2012, he thrilled: “He’s the perfect father, the perfect husband, the perfect American.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren just has to interact with MSNBC commentators without somehow throwing up on herself in the process. The bar is getting dangerously low and the political left is responsible for that. They are the ones who seem to operate within a cult of personality. It’s a sad state of affairs, for sure.

In reality, they need to be taking a closer look at what these candidates truly stand for. In the meantime, the rest of us are going to be examining these candidates’ actual track record more closely. It will take more than a few nice speeches and a firm handshake to impress those of us with a working brain.