Trump Breaks New Record: Record Voter Turnout for a Sitting President

Trump’s record-setting ways do not get much play from the liberal media. They would rather focus on his bogus impeachment and other frivolities. Meanwhile, these records are getting harder and harder to ignore. When he made a recent appearance in Manchester, thousands and thousands of supporters arrived on the scene.

They were lining up early, just to catch a glimpse of him! This is not something that you usually see with sitting presidents. These supporters were willing to brave the awful winter weather and their dedication is amazing. Can you believe that they arrived a whole 48 hours early?

This display flies in the face of the idea that he is unpopular. New Hampshire is typically considered to be a stronghold for the Bernie Sanders types out there but Trump is putting a serious dent in this notion. Once 70 percent of the vote from this primary had been counted, the most amazing statistic was unveiled.

He received a higher vote total than any other incumbent president in some time. In fact, he received more votes than any incumbent president from the past 40 years! Once you have taken a closer look at the numbers on your own, you will see what everyone else has been talking about. The rumors of Trump’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, to say the least.

The enthusiasm for his presidency is through the roof and we understand why. As it turns out, people like a candidate who actually does what they say they are going to do. It’s a novel concept, isn’t it? Sure, the Democrats might be trying to push their party further left as a direct result of his election but Trump is the furthest thing from worried.

In fact, he is on record as calling Bernie Sanders his preferred candidate. No one in their right mind thinks that he is scared about going up against him. There is no shortage of issues that need to be pointed out and Trump is just the guy to do it. A debate between him and Bernie would be a very special moment for all of us.

First things first, it is time to give credit where it is due. The voter turnout for an event of this nature is legitimately unprecedented. This is not a competitive primary for Trump and his voters could have easily stayed home. They did not have to brave the chilly temperatures and inclement weather to come to this event.

Their love for their president was stronger than their distaste of the weather conditions, though. This is the sort of connection that cannot be bought. While the Mike Bloomberg types out there might think that they can emulate Trump by merely throwing their money around, you cannot buy this sort of loyalty. These people will follow Trump anywhere.

That’s why he does not seem too worried about the Democratic opposition. Even if he was worried about Bernie Sanders, there is no reason to care. The Democratic establishment has yet to get behind him. Trump may have experienced some push back within the Republican party but it is nothing compared to the vitriol that Bernie is currently receiving.

The Democratic establishment wants the party to maintain its moderate point of view and is resistant to a candidate that is looking to push things to the left. Meanwhile, the Republicans are continuing to remain united. There may be a few “Never Trump!” types still in the mix but that does not mean that they are taken seriously.

This voter turnout should be a bigger story than it is but of course, it won’t be. No one on the left wants to reckon with the fact that no savior is coming. In all likelihood, Trump will be back in the White House for another four years. They do not want to grapple with this fact and it is forcing them to do and say crazy things.

The numbers do not lie and there is no running away from these numbers. We cannot wait to see how the leftist leaning stations try to spin this one as a negative. In a perfect world, they would all have to shut up forever and accept things for what they are. Instead, they are given the chance to devise a false dichotomy where they are always right.

At least Trump fans everywhere can rest easy. Those who actually care about the facts have their back. As for their rest, they simply need to be left alone to wallow in their own ignorance. There is nothing that can be done for them.