Video: Virginia, This Is What Happens When Democrats Take Over Your State

Virginia did not always rank high on our list of crazy liberal states. We thought that it would take a long time before some state was willing to step up and give California a run for their money. Now, Virginia is throwing their hat into the ring…and how! The policies that they are trying to pass are difficult to fathom. They need to be seen to be truly believed.

If you are anything like us, you are waiting for someone to pop out and say that this is all a joke. Maybe we are just being punked and this is all a big prank. Each chamber of the Virginia legislature is on this, too. That’s the most startling part of all, to be perfectly honest.

Anti American bills should not ever be passed for any reason but here we are discussing them anyway. Illegal aliens who reside in the state of Virginia now have one less obstacle to overcome. If you are an illegal who lives in Virginia, guess what? You are now able to get a driver’s license before you are even able to provide any proof of your citizenship.

If this sounds totally backwards to you, that is because it is. The leftists have gotten their way once again. As usual, they do not care who they hurt along the way. All of the crimes that are committed by illegal aliens do not matter. The left would rather act like they are all here for a good purpose and keep passing laws to that effect.

We just wish that we resided in the same gumdrop fairyland that they do. Instead, some of us have to live in the real world, where real people are being hurt by these types of insane policies. Ralph Northam is the Democratic governor who is responsible for this mockery of a bill and it’s very ironic to us that he is now being held up as Mr. Wonderful.

It’s like the left will forget anything, as long as they get what they want. They will forget anything, even it it goes against things that they have claimed not to like in the past. You would think that a governor who was caught using blackface would not have this long of a leash but that’s the left for you. They are always willing to engage in some good old fashioned hypocrisy when they are getting what they want.

As long as you get your way, it does not matter how badly you are flip-flopping on past outrages. At least that’s how the left operates. Northam does not seem to care who he is endangering with his outlandish policies. Hopefully, he will still be able to sleep at night after he finds out about all of the people he is hurting with his shortsighted, nonsensical way of thinking.

Why should illegal aliens be given the chance to drive before they are even citizens? Did Northam stop to think of how many of them are going to be borrowing cars from friends and loved ones, looking to drive them without valid insurance? Of course he didn’t. That would have made far too much sense for him to ever consider.

Reality check: illegal aliens are going to be driving without insurance and what happens when one of them plows into an American? We shudder to think of all the vehicles that are going to be destroyed, without any hope of repayment. That’s to say nothing of all the Americans that are going to be left injured (or even worse) by all of the reckless driving that is about to take place in Virginia.

Virginia residents better buckle up and be careful. Keep your head on a swivel at all times. You simply never know when your life is going to be endangered by one of the illegal aliens that your stupid governor is choosing to empower. The left never stops to think about the aftermath of their moronic policies. The rest of us are forced to do it for them and it is time that someone put a stop to it.

What the heck is happening to states like Virginia? We long to live in a country where laws are passed for reasons that are fair and just. Northam is merely trying to pander to a leftist base that is too high on their own self-importance to think about what happens next. Hopefully, the state of Virginia is able to survive these attempts at destroying the tiny, little bit of democracy that they still have left.