Dems Double Standards: Obama Intervened With DOJ at the Behest of Leftwing Activist Billionaire George Soros

The Democrats have been losing their mind over Trump’s supposed intervention in various Department of Justice cases. This is an overstatement of the highest order. Yes, it is true that Trump tweeted about the case. However, Barr was already in the process of pulling back the initial sentence when the tweet took place. The tweet did not have any influence over his decision-making process.

Barr also let the world know that Trump had not inserted himself into the case in any significant way. That did not stop the Democrats from making their feelings known on the matter. Once they get attached to a certain idea, they do not let go of it. Even when they are proven wrong, the Democrats still stand united in their bullheadedness.

While the President does not need to be commenting on the status of cases that are still ongoing, there is a certain level of hypocrisy that comes with the left’s criticism. Barack Obama had no problem behaving in a similar manner and that was fine with everyone. He would insert himself into cases that were ongoing. His involvement ran much deeper than some simple tweets, too.

Where was all of the fire and brimstone for him? The Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation is a prime example of this. He was willing to come out and say that she was innocent before the investigation was even complete. The FBI was furious about this, too. This is undersold now by the left. You see, interfering is okay when THEIR guy does it, understand?

Alan Dershowitz is speaking out on these matters. He spoke about presidents like Obama inserting themselves in these types of cases and said that this should not be allowed. While he had some interesting takes on the Kennedy administration, this was not the true bombshell that he was going to be dropping during this Sirius XM interview.

He claimed that Obama actually intervened in a major way. According to Dershowitz, Obama personally went to the FBI and had an investigation launched. You will never guess who he was intervening on behalf of: George Soros. There are some readers that are not going to be surprised by this but there are others that are going to be stunned.

Why would Obama engage in this sort of behavior? He was not prepared to disclose all of the information but it is easy enough to put 2 and 2 together. Soros or someone close to him was probably in trouble and of course, Obama was willing to come to the rescue. The left always finds ways to stick together, even when it goes against their previously stated beliefs.

The White House is always going to have some level of justice over the Justice Department, no matter who is in office. Instead of pretending that Trump is the first president to intervene like this, people need to have a greater sense of history. This type of behavior is nothing new and it is always taking place, no matter which side you are on.

Dershowitz is not willing to share any more at the present moment but he promises that he will be speaking about the case in further detail in the future. A lawsuit is going to be filed in the future. We cannot wait to hear more about this intervention. Obama is considered a saint by the leftists who do not ever stop to consider the things that he actually did during his presidency.

Dershowitz also claims that he has access to a 302 that will prove everything he is saying. When the time is right, the information is going to come out. For those who are unfamiliar with legalese, a 302 refers to the form that is utilized by the FBI when they are in the midst of interviewing witnesses during a case investigation.

This is the sort of tease that makes us wonder how long we are going to have to wait before we can hear the rest of the story. You do not have to convince us that Obama and Soros are in cahoots. That part is truly obvious. It would be nice to have proof, though. The left acts like anyone who believes this is into “conspiracy theories”.

It’s not a conspiracy theory if it is actually true! Why would Deroshowitz be willing to put his reputation on the line like this if he was lying? We believe him and so should you. It is high time for the left’s hypocrisy to be exposed so that they can stop watching Trump’s Twitter timeline like hawks.

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  1. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Great article and much appreciated.
    Obama’s intervention on behalf of G. Soros is easily understood when we finally acknowledge that Soros is the reason B.O. got elected. B.O. is just the ‘front man’ for the Soros power grabbing agenda. And Soros is one of the upper echelons of the global “elitists”. The Constitution is the one thing which has stood in their way, and they are desperate to destroy it; thus the rise in socialist professors in the halls of so called ‘higher education’!

    • you are quite correct, George Soros, aka Joerge Schwartz, has been sponsoring Obama ever since college – they both must be stopped

  3. He needs to write all this information down with the proof immediately! Who knows when he might decide to “Clintonize” himself. Many before him have fallen victim to these “accidents”, “Suicides”, “Unsolved Murders”, etc.


    • You are so right on that one. We all need to pray for President Trump, for his safety, because I don’t trust the Demonrats at all. When they take money from George Soros they sell their souls to the devil because so has been one since he was 14 in Hungary.

  5. Yes, just like Bill Clinton’s converstion with Loretta Lynch. But there you have it, Democrat’s ARE above the LAW!

  6. I would like to pray for George Soros and his ilks. “O Lord God, I beseech Thee, if George Soros won’t change, thank you that you are hurling your lightning bolts to him and his minions, shooting your arrows at the heart of these enemies of the people, who are advocating open borders, open society and one world government! Their mouths are full of rabid lies, their tongues sting like a snake, the venom of a viper drips from their lips. Let these enemies of the people, George Soros and his ilks be destroyed, by the very evil they are advocating and plotting against this nation. Lord Jesus, we beseech Thee, send your warring angels to battle against George Soros and his ilks! Cause great disasters to fall on these evil people – George Soros and his minions — the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, the MSM and Holywood establishment. Let not their Marxist /Alinsky ideology prevail on this land. Their teachings are contrary to your Word, O God, they would like to take over the world! They even claim that they have control over the climate, when in fact, O God, you have the sole control and authority over nature! We beseech Thee Lord, don’t let the things they are advocating for the USA happen, for the sake of our children, grandchildren and great great grandchildren, the future generations. Foil all their attempts to transform the USA into socialism/communism and chaos! Thank you, Father God, in Jesus Name, I pray, Amen!

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