Bloomberg Reporters Censored and Threatened – by Bloomberg!

The liberal media is already looking the other way on all of Bloomberg’s past misdeeds and from the looks of it? Things are only going to get worse before they get better. If you are anything like us, these types of stories are no longer surprising. The same liberal media that has had so much to say about Donald Trump has been shockingly silent on Bloomberg.

Now, he is taking things to a different level. It is bad enough that they are willing to remain silent on his past racism and his willingness to buy an election. Now, he is censoring and threatening reports. The liberal media that is ready to call Trump a dictator for actions that do not even approach these has yet to call out Bloomberg, though.

Leta Hong Fincher is the wife of one of the reporters that is being silenced and she has been quick to remind the rest of the world about what is taking place. Can you believe that this man is actually threatening his own reporters, though? That is a new low, even for him. If you do not talk about China in the manner that he approves of, you are going to be in big trouble.

This is the man that liberals seem to think that they need to be supporting. Rich people supposedly fixing elections isn’t so much of a problem anymore for them. Funny how that works, huh? If an award-winning reporter is not immune to these threats, what hope do the rest of us have? Fincher shared some very disturbing information about this very important matter.

She said that Bloomberg’s company attempted to purchase her silence and pushed a nondisclosure agreement on her. The saddest part of all is that she never actually worked with Bloomberg. This is how deranged this miniature man has become. He is now going after people that never even wronged him in the first place.

The Bloomberg machine is in China’s pocket and if you offend Beijing? Watch your back. This is not something that anyone should be condoning. Red-blooded Americans need to be able to speak their mind at all times. It does not matter if they are discussing a place where billionaires have business interests. Bloomberg needs to own this behavior and fast.

In a world where we are constantly hearing about Trump this and Russia that, you would think that a presidential candidate having this sort of relationship with China would be getting more press. Unfortunately, this world is not fair and just. It is rigged so that billionaires like Bloomberg can have everyone else do their bidding.

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping was discussed in an article by Fincher’s husband. Michael Forsythe simply wanted the world to know how much wealth this man had amassed. Before he knew it, his entire family was being threatened. A mysterious woman with ties to the dictator let them that they were in a great deal of danger if they continued to discuss the dictator in any sort of way.

Bloomberg News was not willing to help them. In fact, they dragged their feet to the point where Fincher felt compelled to tell the world. This is one brave woman and our heart goes out to her. The Bloomberg goons even tried to lean on her to delete the tweets but she refused to do so. At least there is one person in this equation who has the necessary courage.

As for Forsythe, he would continue to report the news as he saw fit. He was not going to be bullied by the Chinese or by the Bloomberg company. After completing another story of this nature and receiving approval from a happy editor, it was killed before it even had a chance to be published. From there, Forsythe was fired.

That hardly seems fair but we are not stunned by the development. Bloomberg’s legal team attempted to bring him and his wife to financial ruin, forcing them to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Once the couple hired the same lawyer that had defended Edward Snowden, Bloomberg finally decided that it was time to back off.

The networks are refusing to report this story and we are here to make sure that this couple’s anguish is reported on. If Trump had been involved in something like this, best believe it would have been front-page news. The left’s desperation to remove him from office is leading them to cast their lot with some pretty unsavory characters. This is not going to work out well for them!