Video: Liberal Media Attacks Bloomberg Over Satire Ad

Mike Bloomberg’s campaign decided to try and tickle everyone’s funny bone with an ad that was tweeted out last week. You might remember the moments of silence that took place when he decided to ask his fellow candidates if they had ever started a business of their own in the past.

As you might have expected, no one really had an answer for him. The left loves to criticize things that they know nothing about, so this is nothing new for them. The moment was included in the ad and the sound of crickets was laid over it. It should have been a funny moment and then we all could have moved on.

The liberal media never wants to let anyone move on, though. They have to harp on things over and over and over again. That’s their MO and we are tired of it. Bloomberg definitely has his weaknesses as a candidate but this ad is the least of his worries. It was one of the few moments during the debate where he appeared to be even a semi-competent candidate.

Glenn Kessler is a fact-checker and he gave the ad “Four Pinocchios”. The fact-checkers did not seem to understand that the ad was satirical in nature. Becket Adams is a media reporter with the Washington Examiner and he compiled an entire list of quotes from various journalists who were in an absolute panic.

These people were really treating a video that was meant to be a joke as a serious statement from Bloomberg. While there is no shortage of problems with his campaign that needs to be pointed out, this ad is harmless. We are the furthest thing from Bloomberg supporters, too. The left needs to learn how to take a joke every once in a while. It’s not the end of the world.

The public was not deceived by this ad. Those who have more than two working brain cells were able to tell that the ad was in jest and that should have been obvious. The liberal media never ceases to amaze. They are taking themselves way too seriously and we are not sure how they are going to be able to survive until the election is over.

Sure, there might be some people who thought that Bloomberg was trying to act as if there were 22 seconds of silence at the debate but why do we need to care? A lot of people are uninformed nowadays but that does not mean that we have to worry about their opinions. Let’s start leaving these folks in their ignorance before we allow them to drag us down with them.

We are pleased that the fact-checkers are actually going after one of the Democrats for once but that is neither here nor there. Billionaire Democrats like Bloomberg are essentially bulletproof. We’re talking about a guy who had zero qualms about lighting half a billion dollars on fire.

His appearance at the debate was disastrous and this ad allows him to spin things in the manner that makes him look like a more qualified candidate. Sure, its “lying” if you’re going by the dictionary definition but that is not something that any of us should have to worry about. Unlike the liberal media, we know jokes when we see them.

Political ads have never been fully truthful so why would they start now? There’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun. If Bloomberg is willing to keep making people laugh and messing with liberals like this, we just might change our opinion on him once and for all. We know a manipulated campaign video when we see one and this is not that.

This reminds us of when the liberals on Twitter start earnestly trashing Onion articles because they are not in on the joke. It’s hard not to make fun of them when they get up in arms about things that are clearly meant to be jokes. Maybe the Bloomberg campaign should have labeled the video as a parody? That would have saved us all a lot of time and annoyance, that is for sure.

Let’s hope that the left finds their sense of humor sometime between now and November. They are going to need it. It’s already looking like Trump will cakewalk to a second term and they need to get their heads into the game. Otherwise, they could be left wondering why it took them so long to realize that there are major changes they need to be making. As for the rest of us? We’ll keep laughing at their silly antics.