Video: Bloomberg Admits He Bought the House! or Did He?

The Charleston, South Carolina debate was the setting for the Democrats’ latest batch of buffoonery. They are always willing to embarrass themselves in public and we are here for it. As you may have expected, it did not take long for this debate to become a complete and total clown show.

This is what the Democratic party has devolved to. All they know how to do is argue with each other and they think that they are going to be able to run a nation. The screaming match that broke out this time was particularly hilarious. They are all up in arms about who can give the most money away.

The Democrats want to keep handing money to all of the illegal aliens who do not even have the right to be here. In addition to this lunacy, they are also fighting with each other over who gets to hand out the most money to all of the American leeches who would rather sponge off the system than get a job.

Correct us if we wrong but isn’t this exactly what Trump was looking to avoid when he started kicking people off food stamps? No one is going to benefit when you keep handing out favors. Instead of giving people handouts and ensuring that they remain glued to the government teat forever, politicians need to be thinking about giving them a hand up.

The Democratic party would never dream of behaving in such a sensible manner. They are more into the idea that everyone should have everything handed to them. These bratty teenagers are going to fight until the cows come home and we cannot wait until November comes. That is when they are finally going to get their much-needed reality check.

The outlandish claims that were made during this debate were absolutely hysterical. For starters, crazy old Uncle Joe started with his usual doddering. We did not want to believe it before but this man really might be senile. He actually stood on stage and told the world that nearly half of the United States population had been wiped out by gun violence.

Gun violence is a major issue but we are going to go ahead and call his bluff on this one. 150 million seems like a pretty high number. It’s almost like he decided to make it up entirely. As for Michael Bloomberg, he saw Biden’s lying and knew that he had to one-up him. From the sounds of it, Bloomberg essentially admitted to buying Congress on live television.

This is the type of stuff that you cannot make up. When you have half a billion dollars at your disposal to try and buy elections, what’s to stop you from buying Congress? Bloomberg could probably handle that expense with the change that he found in his couch cushions.

The man actually said that he spent $100 million in order to elect 21 Democrats. Instead of trying to spin his investment in a positive way, he said the words “I bought”. Those words truly came out of his mouth and we were sitting there slack-jawed when the moment took place. We would expect nothing less from someone who would be this brazen about trying to buy their way into the race, though.

The Democratic party gave this man an inch and he is now in the process of trying to take a mile. You have to hand it to him. At least he is honest about what he has done in the past. That is more than we can say about some of the other Democratic candidates who are not willing to do the same. Getting basic facts out of some of them is like pulling teeth at times.

We understand that some of you might not believe what we are telling but that’s why video was invented. It is hard to refute what Bloomberg said when the evidence is right there in your face. We just wish that he had been willing to say all of this a bit sooner. Bloomberg’s audacity is eventually going to be his undoing, that is for sure.

In the meantime, the rest of us get to have a few laughs at his expense. The Democratic party is enabling all of the worst people in their naked desperation to remove Trump but it makes for wonderful television. These debates are only going to get more and more comical as we draw closer and closer to the big show in November. Let’s all strap in now and enjoy the ride.